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Visa for International Students  

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, foreigners shall apply to the visa-issuing authorities stationed abroad for a visa in order to enter China. Those who are admitted as full-time students of Donghua University shall apply to the local Chinese Embassy or Consulate for X1 or X2 visa to enter China. The renewal or extension of visa after entry shall be decided by the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration of the Ministry of Public Security according to the relevant laws and regulations. 

For details, please refer to: Regulations on Visa/RP Issues for International Students (2013 version).pdf 

According to the Chinese law, residence Permit (study) holders are not allowed to do any paid job (except internship). However, for those who have financial difficulties, ICES offers on-campus paid work-study tasks such as airport pick-up service to new students, RA member, working in international student library and language lab, etc. Please consult International Student Affairs Office of ICES for details.