Make in India - the New Economic Development Strategy of India
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India is one of the four ancient civilizations. India is the member of BRIC countries. India is also one of the fast developing countries with its economy ranked the 3rd in the world. India attracts a lot tourists and investors because of its rich cultural and booming economics. Mr. Kumar Ray, Deputy Consul General of India in Shanghai and Consul (Commercial) & Head of Chancery, introduced economic development and strategy in India in the 45th ICES International Forum hold on Sept 29th, 2015.


India has the second largest population but the median age is only 29, which is much younger than 37 of China, 38 of USA, 45 of EU, or 49 of Japan. Meanwhile, the average wage of India is lower comparing to most developing countries in Asia. Huge work force with lower cost gives India great comparative advantage in manufacturing. In this case, India made a strategy plan named “Make in India” to increase its world comparative power in the world economy. Mr. Ray introduced India’s Make in India Strategy in details in the forum. At the end of his speech, he also introduced investment situation from Chinese companies.


This was the first time Mr. Ray visiting Donghua University. He is very impressed by the diversity of the students. After learning more about the effort Donghua University has made in International Education and International Cooperation, he showed strong interests in supporting Donghua University in International cooperation and cultural exchange in the future.