Introduction and Contacts
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Development and History


In 1956, Donghua University started to hold adult education. In the same year, the evening college of DHU was established. In 1986, DHU held its higher correspondence education.

Taking advantage of quality resources of DHU, School of Continuing Education has cultivated a great quantity of talents that meet the demands for economic construction. More than 16,000 students have taken their undergraduate or associate degrees through evening college, correspondence education, or full-time education. Besides, over 17,000 students have been provided with various training programs and continuing education.

School of Continuing Education has received many honors, including “The National Advanced Unit of Adult Education in Colleges and Universities”、“The Advanced Group of Adult Education in Shanghai”、“The Excellent Unit of 'Building up a Learning-oriented Society' in Shanghai”,“The Advanced Group of Adult Education in Shanghai, 2006-2009” and so on.

Officially approved by the Ministry of Education of China, DHU became one of the pilot universities of national modern distance education in June, 2001. In November, 2001, School of Network-based Education was formally established and became a member of the co-operative group consisting of 8 pilot universities of national modern distance education in Shanghai.

Principle and Aim

Persisting in the principle “Running Independently”, School of Continuing Education aims at developing itself into a characteristic, multilevel and international institution by improving the non-degree education, enhancing the quality of degree education, and strengthening the use of modern distance education technologies.

Degree Education

At present, School of Continuing Education has set up many specialties for adult higher education, such as Fashion Artistic Design, Environmental Artistic Design, Industrial Design, Digital Media, Animation, Exhibition Art and Technique, Acting, International Economic and Trade, Logistics Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Accountancy, Administration, English and Japanese.

Students who had taken the formal Statues will receive the online registered graduation certificates issued by the Ministry of Education when they finish and pass all the courses and teaching projects.

Training programs
Thanks to the geographical advantage of Shanghai, School of Continuing Education, with its characteristic disciplines and professions, is making a special effort to serve the relative industries and their large enterprises in Yangtze Delta. By further strengthening and expanding the training programs relevant to textile & fashion and Artistic creation, the school is engaged in making the strong brand “Beauty in Donghua”.

Nowadays, a variety of training programs have been available to the society, including fashion, animation and languages. The contents and means of training programs have put targeted marketing into consideration, so as to meet the learners’ needs of different levels.

Campus Environment

School of Continuing Education is located at West Yangan Road campus of DHU. The campus, one of “Shanghai’s garden” sectors, is very beautiful. Also it is well equipped with facilities such as library, mess halls and sports fields.

The school is near the subway station (West Yangan Road) of Line 3 and Line 4, easily accessible. Besides, No.57, 127, 925, 936, 71, 69, 48, 73, 748, 911, 945, 776, 141 buses are also available.





Admission Hotline:021-62373747  62373305
Student Affairs:021-62373215
Address: Room No. 159,Center building
                  No.1882 West Yan'an Road,Shanghai