Undergraduate Education
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Assessment of Exam Achievements

1). Hundred-point system is utilized for assessment of achievements of the exams of PE teaching and learning club. The assessment will be conducted every term. Those who are above 60 points can get two credits.

2). The assessment of exam achievements has 5 items: participation of exercise + extent of improvement: 25%+5%; theory: 10%; exercise quality and skill: 30%; physique and health: 20 points; mentality: 5%; society adaptability: 5%.

3). Course of PE health care: The students who can grasp the contents of teaching can get 60 points of PE achievements while those who can actively take part in physical exercise can be awarded more points but not higher than 70.

4). Calculation and collection of achievements: That will be calculated with the application software developed by ourselves.


Teaching and Learning Facilities of the Home Campus of the University

1).A standard track and field stadium with 8 plastic tracks of 400 meters and a large standard football ground in it.

2).A gymnasium with the total construction area of 7,500 m2: The first floor has a height of 7.2 meters with the gyms of ping-pong, body-building, sports apparatus, gymnastics and rock-climbing, 8 plastics tracks of 70 meters long and 2 plastic tracks for long jump and sand pits, office of PE Department and rest rooms for teachers etc in it. The second floor has a height of 15 meters with a main gym of 1,488 m2 that has 2675 seats and can hold large-scale indoor matches of football, handball, basketball, volleyball and badminton and grand theatrical performances for China and the world. There are also gyms of badminton and volleyball of 630 m2.   

3).2 tennis light courts with international standard

4).A artificial grass football ground of 85 meters long and 60 meters wide.

5).13 basket and volleyball courts

6).A new natatorium built in 2002