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Development and History

Fashion • Art Design Institute of Donghua University (referred to as “the Institute” below) has the highest level of fashion discipline in China and enjoys high international fame. It started enrolling fashion major undergraduates in 1984. After 25 years’ effort (until the end of 2009), it has grown from a fashion department into an institute with its distinctive feature. The Institute has established an education system of three levels: bachelor, master, and doctor. Currently, it has nearly 2500 undergraduates, 500 postgraduate students and over 50 Ph.D. candidates.

In 1984, Fashion Engineering Program started enrolling undergraduate students nationwide.

In 1990, Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline was entitled to grant master’s degree.

In 1995, Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline became a key discipline at the municipal level.

In 1996, Art Design Discipline was entitled to grant master’s degree.

In 1998, Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline was entitled to grant doctoral degree as a Second Class Discipline.

For two consecutive times in 2002 and 2007, Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline was accredited as the state Key Discipline of Fashion, the only one of its kind in China.

In 2005, as one of the 30 first-batch experimental units in China, the Institute was entitled to confer the degree of Master of Fine Arts.

In 2007, Art Design Discipline became a key discipline at the municipal level.

The goal and positioning of the Institute is “to train young professionals in fashion industry and art design fields with international perspective, innovative spirit, well-grounded academic theories and market expertise.” Ever since its establishment, the Institute has worked hard to realize the idea of “focusing on the overall development of students”. Generations after generations of excellent students have graduated from the Institute and have become the backbone of society and pride of Donghua! 


Fashion • Art Design Institute has six main categories of discipline – Fashion Design and Engineering, Art Design, Acting, Animation, Digital Media, Exhibition Art and Technology – and 12 undergraduate majors: Fashion Design and Engineering, Fashion Art Design, Textile Art Design, New Media Art Design, Animation, Digital Media Art, Environmental Art Design, Industrial Design, Exhibition Art and Technology, Fashion Modeling and Design, Acting (movie and TV, stage play), and Public Arts. The institute is composed of Department of Fashion Design and Engineering, Department of Fashion Art Design, Department of Visual Communication, Department of Environmental Art Design, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Acting, Sector of Art Design Theory, Sector of Art Design Foundation and Laboratories.

Department of Fashion Design and Engineering is special in that it is not only the crossover of engineering technology and art design, but also the combination of fashion discipline and other engineering disciplines. It is the earliest in China to build the fashion discipline and has established an education system of three levels: bachelor, master, and doctor. Fashion Design and Engineering Discipline of Donghua University is accredited as the state Key Discipline of Fashion, the only one of its kind in China. Fashion Design and Engineering Program has ranked number 1 in China over the past years.

There are two majors in Department of Fashion Art Design: Fashion Design and Textile Design. It aims to train versatile students who are market oriented.

There are three majors in Department of Visual Communication: Digital Media Art, Animation, and New Media Art Design. The department has invited quite a lot of famous foreign professors to give students lectures that reflect the very latest development of the discipline.

Environmental Art Design is an interdisciplinary subject based on fine art, architecture, and art design. It is working towards two majors: interior design and landscape design. It aims to train environmental art design professionals with international horizon.

Industrial Art Design lays emphasis on creativity, perception and expressiveness. In teaching students, we hope them to break their own limits and grasp both knowledge and practical skill.

There are two majors in Department of Acting: one is Fashion Modeling and Design, the other is Acting (movie and TV, stage play). The teachers in the department have simple ideas: to satisfy the students, to satisfy their parents, and to satisfy the society.

Sector of Art Design Theory conducts theoretical research on the frontiers of art design disciplines. It enjoys high academic status in research of costume history, textile aesthetics, and fashion and creative industry and culture management. It has several research centers such as Textile and Costume Committee of Dunhuang Tu’lu’fan Society, Dunhuang Costume Culture Research Center, Textile Fine Arts Studio, Fashion Industry Center. The sector also helps to build Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume and the online Digitalized Fashion Art Museum.

Sector of Art Design Foundation undertakes the teaching of students in their first year at Fashion ? Art Design Institute, Donghua University. It lays foundation for students for their art design training later on. It emphasizes on expanding students’ artistic scope and training their innovative ability.



Nine research directions have taken shape over recent years. They are Garment Digitalization, Garment Ergonomics, Clothing Protection and Comfort, Apparel Industrial Economy, Garment Economy and Chinese Fashion and Culture, Methodology of Fashion Design and Digitalization, Aesthetic Archaeology of Textiles, Environmental Art System Design and Management, and New Apparel Material Design. Each research team has professors with rich experience and achievements as its leader.

The Institute provides a wide range of expert services and collaborates with all sectors of the industry in research and consultancy activities. Some of our clients include Chaber, Toray, YKK, Firs, Hailan, Novéli, Wacoal, Swarovski, and Decathlon. The Institute incorporates its academic and information resources with the need of industries. 19 important research bases have been established on campus:

Textile and Costume Committee of Dunhuang Tu’lu’fan Society

Dunhuang Costume Research Center

Donghua - Youngor Menswear Research Center

Functional and Protective Clothing Research Center

Garment Ergonomics Research Center

Garment CAD/CAM Research Center

Fashion Design Research Center

Fashion Design Information Exchange Center

Uniform Research Institute of Fashion Institute, Donghua University

Environmental Art Research Institute of Donghua University

Donghua - Italina Decoration and Plastic Research Center

Donghua – Hainan Splendid Zhibei Li Brocade R&D and Design Center

Donghua – Menspoem Knitting R&D and Design Center

Sino – Korean Costume Exchange Research Center

Ancient Korean Costume Research Center

Swarovski - Donghua University Center for Creative Design

Donghua - De Kooning International Design Center

Donghua – IED Brand Marketing and Fashion Design Center

Sangmyung – Donghua International Cultural Creative Center

The Institute stresses innovative approaches for both applied and strategic research. We foster quality research in a wide range of areas. Important achievements have been made over the years and currently we have following research projects that are at or above the provincial or ministerial level.

- Project from China Astronauts Center – “Astronaut’s Suit Thermal Maniki”

- 863 National Project-“CAD/PDM/ERP Integration and E-business of Garment Enterprises”

- Collaborative Project with EU – “EURAS-IA-TEX Garment Digitalization”

- Canada National Research Council Project -“Developing Multi-performance Firefighter Protective Clothing Used In Shanghai Expo”

- National Social Science Funding Project – “Comprehensive Research of Dunhuang Silk and Silk Road”

- National Natural Science Funding Project – “Objective Evaluation of Property and Comfort of Air Layer under Clothing in Human Body Thermal Environment”

- Special Funding Project of Ministry of Education – “Textile and Costume Museum Construction”

- Humanity and Social Science Research Project of Ministry of Education – “Shanghai Costume History Study of the Late Qing Dynasty and Republic Period”

- New Century Excellent Talent Supporting Plan of Ministry of Education – “Art Design History and Aesthetics Study”

- Humanity and Social Science Research Project of Ministry of Education – “2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai World Expo Fashion Design and Planning”

- Key Project commissioned by Shanghai Science Committee – “Public Service Platform for Shanghai Fashion Design and Manufacturing ”

- Key Scientific Research Project of Ministry of Education – “High Performance Garment Research”

- Shanghai “Shu Guang” Program – “Research of Moisture Absorbent & Quick Drying High Performance Sportswear”

- Shanghai Rising-Star Program – “Research of Multi-function High Performance Sportswear”

- Innovative Project commissioned by Shanghai Education Committee – “Restoration Research of Ancient Minority Group Costume in Dunhuang Tu’lu’fan Pictures”

- Shanghai Union Plan Project – “Key Technology of Industrialization of Pearl Fiber”

These achievements indicate that the crossover and enhancement of disciplines through research projects has entered a new stage of internationalization and industrialization.

The institute has advanced laboratories including the following: Garment Techniques Lab, Garment and Ergonomics Lab, Clothing Performance Testing Lab, Clothing Performance Lab – Protection, Clothing Performance Lab – Comfort, Textile Design Lab, Garment CAD Research Studio, Quick Response System Research Studio, Dyeing and Weaving Techniques Lab, Digital Printing Studio, Computer Spray Painting Studio, Computer Carving Studio, Model and Environmental Art Lab, Metalwork Techniques Lab, Sculpture Techniques Lab, Hand Painting Lab, Pottery Art Techniques Lab and Ceramics Kiln, Base Making Techniques Lab, Painting Studio, Film and TV Production Studio, Personal Computer Room and Apple Computer Room, Multimedia Teaching Lab, Photography Studio, Screen Printing Studio, 3D Animation Lab, Digital Media Technology Lab, Stop-motion Animation Lab, Basic Animation Lab, Movement Seizing Lab, Figure Training Studio, Vocal Training Studio, Wardrobe and Stage Property Room, Dressing Room, Exhibition Hall, and Multi-function Hall.


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