About the “Supervision Confirmation Letter”



      Please be aware that, for the application of most of the postgraduate programs, a Supervision Confirmation Letter from a DHU's supervisor is required as one of your application materials. Please read carefully the list of Master's and PhD programs to find the details.

        List of Master's Programs & Key Details: http://english.dhu.edu.cn/9f/74/c5219a237428/page.htm 

        List of PhD Programs & Key Details: http://english.dhu.edu.cn/9f/75/c5219a237429/page.htm 

      Supervision Confirmation Letter is only used as an application material required by Donghua University. It shows the intent from the supervisor who signed the form, but not an official acceptance or admissions of the University.

      Information on DHU's supervisors offered here is incomplete. If you need more, please go to visit the websites of the colleges or schools for the faculties details (www.dhu.edu.cn). We suggest you to use the online translation or translation software, for the websites are in Chinese.

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