Choose the Right Program for You

General Chinese Program

(Program A, Full-time)

Practical Chinese Program

(Program E, Part-time)

Vacation Chinese Programs

Target Learners

1. Gain entry to a Chinese   university
   2. Available during day time, and would like to have extensive classes to   strengthen the Chinese proficiency
   3. Expect to obtain the HSK certificate

1. Need to work in day time, but expect to learn Chinese for everyday use or the workplace
   2. Love Chinese, but cannot come to China due to the epidemic

Expect to experience or   improve Chinese during the vacation time.

Learning Focuses

Listening, Speaking, Reading   & Writing

Listening & Speaking

Offline: Listening,   Speaking, Reading & Writing
   Online: Listening & Speaking

Course Schedule

Mon. - Fri. 

Mon., Wed., Thu. 

Mon. - Fri. 

Teaching Method





18 weeks

15 weeks

  5 weeks


From Beginner to Advanced

From Beginner to Intermediate

From Beginner to Advanced

Fees (CNY/semester)

Application fee: 400;
   Tuition: 10,200

Application fee: 400;
   Tuition: 5,500

Application fee: 400;
   Tuition: 5,000

Scholarship options



Student visa





Self-compiled textbooks   Chinese in Real Life with online supplementary learning materials