Model United Nations Delegation of DHU Wins Two Top Awards at BIMUN and AIMUN in a Row


From May 19 to 22, 2022, the Beijing International Model United Nations 2022 (BIMUN) hosted by the China Foreign Affairs University under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education and the United Nations Association of China was held successfully online. During the four-day event, about 500 outstanding students from nearly 140 well-known universities and middle schools participated, modeled the rules of procedure of the United Nations, conducted in-depth discussions on hot topics in global governance, and proposed solutions unique to the young generation.

The Model United Nations delegation of the College of Foreign Languages of Donghua University achieved excellent results in this competition. Jia Shang and Ye Yating won the title of "Best Delegate", and Wang Bo and Chu Xinzhe won the title of "Honorable Mention". The Model United Nations delegation of the college was honored the "Outstanding Delegation" award and is the only winner of the group award nationwide. This is the first time that Donghua’s Model UnitedNations delegation has won the award at BIMUN, which is a breakthrough of our university at international high-level document-oriented conferences.

(Beijing International Model United Nations 2022)

BIMUN, as the most well-known Model United Nations event in China and even in the Asia-Pacific region, is designed to expand global vision and develop practical ability of young students. A total of 11 committees have been set up at this BIMUN, and the issues are closely related to the hot spots of the era and the international situation. In the online conference room, the Model United Nations Delegation of Donghua University, with English as the working language, prepared proposals from different perspectives around the main issue of its committee, and conducted unmoderated caucuses with delegates of other countries to finally work out a draft resolution.

From May 13 to 15, 2022, the Model United Nations delegation of Donghua University also participated in the Asian International Model United Nations 2022 (AIMUN) hosted by Peking University. At AIMUN, Jia Shang was awarded the two top honors of "Best Ambassador" and "Best National Delegation", Tang Jialing received the "Best Delegate" title for participants, and Bao Rui and Li Ying received the "Outstanding Delegate" award.

It is learnt that the Donghua University Model United Nations Association was established in 2006 and has successfully organized 13 sessions of Donghua University Model United Nations so far. For decades, the Model United Nations has long been an iconic activity of practical education for the College of Foreign Languages. Always adhering to the philosophy of cherishing both rigor and innovation, and aiming at cultivating high-level application-oriented students with solid foundation, strong practical ability and innovative spirit from an international perspective, it has cultivated batches of outstanding participants of Model United Nations.

(Group Photo of the 13th Donghua University Model United Nations)