A New Antifreeze Hydrogel Developed by DHU Professor Wu Peiyi’s Team


A research team of DHU recently published a paper titled “Antifreeze hydrogel electrolyte with ternary hydrogen bonding for high-performance zinc-ion batteries” in Advanced Materials. The paper’s first author is Huang Siwen, a master’s student in the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology of DHU, with Prof. Wu Peiyi and Jiao Yucong as co-corresponding authors.

With the rapid development of flexible wearable devices, more robust demand for efficient rechargeable batteries appears. Hydrogel electrolyte-based zinc ion batteries have become one of the research focuses of flexible wearable devices due to their high safety, mechanical flexibility and electrode-electrolyte interface stability. The flexible Zn/PANI full-cell assembled by CSAM-C hydrogel electrolyte, developed by Prof. Wu Peiyi's group, shows great mechanical strength, excellent flexibility and high ionic conductivity at 25°C and -30°C. Meanwhile, the cell maintains high multiplicative performance at -25°C and -30°C.

Ionic conductivity and frost resistance of hydrogel electrolytes

Electrochemical performance of CSAM-C hydrogel electrolyte at -25°C and -30°C

Practical application of CSAM-C hydrogel electrolyte-based Zn/PANI cells at -30°C