Excellent Performance in the 7th National College Student Physics Experiment Competition by DHU Student Teams


The 7th National College Student Physics Experiment Competition recently came to an end. Guided by the University’s Physics Experiment Center, DHU student teams win 1 first prize and 2 second prizes in the “Competition of Proposition Innovation Work”, and 1 third prize and 1 excellence prize in the “Competition of Physics Experiment Lecture”. The number and level of awards achieve a historic breakthrough.

As one of the 57 national student subject competitions recognized by the Ministry of Education, the National College Student Physics Experiment Competition is guided by the Physics Teaching Committee of the Chinese Physical Society and the National Experimental Physics Teaching Research Association for Higher Education Institutions. This competition attracts 1644 teams from 480 universities across China. The Physics Experiment Center of DHU selected and guided five teams to participate in the competition. Among them, “Image Intelligent Analysis of Gas Discharge Random Phenomena” of the student team guided by technician Xu Yu won the first prize, the best result since DHU participated in this competition.

It is reported that the National College Students Physics Experiment Competition aims to stimulate the interest and potential of college students in physics experiments, cultivate college students’ innovative ability, practical ability and teamwork consciousness, and promote the reform of physics experiment teaching. In recent years, under the care of the Office of Academic Affairs and the College of Science, the Physics Experiment Center of DHU has deepened the reform and continued to explore, broadened the teaching of modern physics experiments based on public teaching of large-scale general physics experiments, and carried out multi-channel teaching with offline teaching as the main focus and online teaching as the supplement. Taking the hierarchical teaching reform of required, optional, and expanded experiments as the starting point, aiming at science and engineering students at different levels and majors, the Physics Experiment Center will teach students according to their aptitude and train them according to their needs.