DHU Postgraduate Student Team Awarded the Best Paper of 2021 from AATCC


Zheng Liangang, a doctoral student in the College of Textiles, Donghua University, has recently published Mechanical Properties and Failure Analysis of 3D-Woven Copper Wire/Glass Fiber Hybrid Compositeson the American Association of Chemical Engineers (AATCC) Journal of Research. Supervised by DHU Professor Xu Fujun and Professor Qiu Yiping, the paper was named the best paper of 2021 by AATCC and was honored at the AATCC100th-anniversary conference.

This research result deeply investigates the mechanical properties and failure mechanism of three-dimensional textile composites with hybrid structures of metal and glass fibers. It provides a theoretical reference for the structural design and mechanical properties research of embedded smart composites and is widely reported by international academic websites such as https://textile-future.com; www.textiletechnology.net; www.aatcc.org.

It is the first time that postgraduate students of DHU textile field have won this honor, which reflects that the College of Textiles attaches great importance to postgraduate education, aims at the frontiers of science and technology and key areas, and cultivates high-level talents.

(Winning team and the certificates)