Nanofiber Aerogel Developed by DHU Absorbs Traffic Noise


The joint team of Yin Xia, Suyang and Ding Bin of the Innovation Center forTextile Science and Technology of DHU recently developed a layered structure elastic ceramic electrospun nanofiber aerogel, which can effectively absorb low-frequency noise such as traffic noise and help solve the problem of noise pollution. And the related result was published in Nano Express.

Traffic noise poses serious harm to human physiological and psychological health. People commonly use fiber acoustic materials to solve traffic noise and other noise pollution. However, commonly used fiber acoustic materials have high density, poor low-frequency sound absorption ability, and unsatisfactory fire resistance.

In this study, the joint team developed a layered structure elastic ceramic electrospun nanofiber aerogel that is flammable when exposed to fire and can be compressed and quickly return to its original form without any visible damage. In addition, the aerogel can be easily and efficiently manufactured into pre-designed shapes on a large scale, which demonstrates its industrial potential.

The successful design of this ceramic-based bulk material could provide new ideas for the further development of next-generation efficient acoustic products, said the joint team.

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Source of the Article: China Science Journal (2022-03-07 Page 3 General)