Answer to FAQs (I) - Degree Program Application for 2022 Intake


International Student Admissions Office of Donghua University (ISAO-DHU) summarizes many questions collected during the consultation and application process, forms this Answers to FAQs to help everyone better understand the information and complete the application smoothly.

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 Answer to FAQs (I): About the entrance scholarships application


1.  For those who apply for study at DHU with entrance scholarships, applications must be completed both on the scholarship online system and DHUs online system./如果要申请入学奖学金,既要在奖学金网站上进行线上申请,也要在东华大学网申系统里进行线上申请。 

Ø  Only completing the application for the scholarship online system but not applying on DHU’s online system will be invalid./只完成奖学金网站线上申请但未在东华大学网申系统中进行线上申请,为无效申请。 

Ø  Apply first on the scholarship online system to receive the application form number. Then, go to DHU’s online application system, select Scholarships (CGS/SGS) for Source of Funding, and fill in the scholarship application form number. Otherwise, you can only apply for self-funded study./先在奖学金网站上进行线上申请,获得申请表编号。然后到东华大学网申系统进行线上申请,经费来源选择奖学金(CGS/SGS)”同时必须填写奖学金申请表编号。否则,只能申请自费学习。 

Ø  Applicants of Bachelors degree programs can only apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship(SGS). Applicants of Masters and Doctoral degree programs can apply for either Shanghai Government Scholarship or Chinese Government Scholarship(CGS). If you are not sure which one to apply for, it is recommended to complete the submission on both CSC and SGS application systems./申请本科,只能选择上海市政府奖学金。申请硕士或博士,可选择上海市政府奖学金(SGS)或中国政府奖学金(CGS),若不确定,建议在两个奖学金网站上都完成提交。 


2.  All applicants are required to submit the Statement of Financial Support with a handwritten signature. Even if a full scholarship is awarded, students must ensure that they are able to afford various contingency expenses that may occur, as well as other expenses not included in the scholarship, such as travel fees, application fees, visa processing fees, etc. Therefore, students must show this proof of adequate financial support./所有申请者都需要提交亲笔签名的经济担保证明。即便能获得全额奖学金,学生也须确保有能力支付可能发生的各类应急费用,以及不包含在奖学金范围内的其他费用,如旅费、申请费、签证办理费等。故学生必须出示可获得足够经济支持的证明。


3.  After successfully applying on DHUs online application system, keep checking your email to supplement the relevant materials in time or pay the application fee online. The status shown in DHUs online application system will become Under review if it is all accomplished./在东华大学网申系统里成功提交申请后,保持查看自己的邮箱,以便及时补交材料或网上支付报名费。如果申请网站上显示审核中,即表明成功完成了申请。