DHU Selected as the Fashion Institution of the Year of the "2021 China Fashion Awards"


On the evening of October 15th, the eve of the 70th anniversary of Donghua University, the official event of Shanghai Fashion Week "2021 China Fashion Awards" was held in Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center. With its strong strength and contribution in the field of fashion design, Donghua University was granted the title of Fashion Institution of the Year of the "2021 China Fashion Awards". Graduates of Donghua Jiang Yutong and Lei Liushu were selected as the fashion designer of the year. Vice President Qiu Gao attended the event.

(Qiu Gao delivered the award-winning speech on the spot)

Qiu Gao delivered the award-winning speech on the spot. He said that Donghua University will keep in mind the original aspiration and mission of "To nourish people with morality", cultivate elite talents for the fashion industry with strong discipline construction and faculty, and actively contribute to the development of China's fashion industry. Donghua will continue to put skills into "present use" and make its own contributions to the inheritance and development of Chinese excellent traditional culture.

(Donghua University and other institutions selected as the Fashion Institution of the Year of the "2021 China Fashion Awards")

Jiang Yutong and Lei Liushu are undergraduates majoring in fashion design at Donghua University in 2009. After graduation, they went to the London College of Fashion for further study. The SHUSHU/TONG brand created by these two post-90s designers boldly deconstructs and reorganizes traditional Chinese aesthetics and London street culture, combining the sweet girly mindset with the independent attitude of modern women, offering new choices to fashion lovers with a new design concept that is interesting and full of personality, and winning praises from foreign authoritative media as "the rising new generation of Chinese design".

(SHUSHU/TONG 2021 Fall/Winter Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend series debuted in Shanghai Fashion Week)

As a university directly under the Ministry of Education, the "Project 211" university and the “Double First-Class" initiative university, Donghua University enjoys a high social reputation in the fields of textiles, materials and design. The design discipline is one of the 18 first-class design disciplines in the country for doctoral program, as well as the key discipline and first-class discipline of Shanghai. The "Technology + Fashion" astronaut costumes empowering the space travel of "Shenzhou", the technology-inspired chi-pao amazing the Edinburgh Art Festival, inheritance of intangible cultural heritage debuting at the International Import Expo, the Shanghai style design celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the Donghua Fashion Week held in nearly 20 consecutive sessions…The fashion design works of Donghua students have appeared on various international stages successively, and Donghua has cultivated a large number of backbone forces for the fashion industry at home and abroad. In recent years, Donghua University has concentrated its superior resources to create a fashion cradle for Shanghai and even China and the world, contributing "Donghua Power" and "Donghua Wisdom" to the construction of Shanghai as a fashion capital, and driving Shanghai's reform and development in the new era.

Combining the theme of "Let the world see the beauty of China" and the form of "fashion release" through creative performances, this year's "2021 China Fashion Awards" has presented a panoramic view of the outstanding achievements in the field of fashion of the rapidly developing China, the progress of the fashion industry, and the positive energy in Chinese aesthetics and culture.