DHU Design Works Scooped Laurels of European Product Design Award


Recently, the 2021 European Product Design Award was announced. The π° Desk designed by Huang Peiyao and Li Siyusi, and the M Genius designed by Gaotian under the instruction of Teacher Wu Chunmao from the Industrial Design Center of the Fashion and Art Design Institute of DHU won two laurels of the European Product Design Award; the FORWARD university dormitory bed designed by Li Xuefei, Xu Huayuan and Tian Xiaomei, the LIAN classroom chair designed by Lian Mengfei and the Care U elderly care product designed by Shen Yuhong won three honors of the European Product Design Award.

This is a classroom desk developed for "Huimei Group (Zhejiang)". It is convenient for students to learn efficiently and store quickly, and is named "π°". The purpose behind the design is to improve learning efficiency, stimulate students' creativity, and realize easy storage. The design shows innovations in 4 aspects: effective learning, press the desktop label, there will be a pop-up office mini-desk for you to paste notes or place a tablet; desk storage, by rotating the entire desktop 85°, it can be stored rapidly; desktop storage, the groove on the right side of the desktop is convenient for storing stationery; visual emotional efficacy, looking from one side, the desk is like the symbol π, which loops endlessly and encourages students to explore the unknown world unremittingly.

It is not easy for many young people to learn mathematical functions and other knowledge well. This is a visual math function program specially designed for young students. The mini program adopts a parametric design to visualize the results of mathematical formulas, and can generate 3D visual graphics. By adjusting the mathematical parameters, it is easier for students to understand mathematical functions. This design provides a gamification method to enhance students' interest in learning mathematics.

This is a small-scale classroom discussion furniture developed for " Huimei Group (Zhejiang)" for Chinese universities. The design team took the image of "ripples" (Lianyi) in Chinese culture as its design inspiration and named it "Lian", implying a connection between students, teachers and classrooms. Students can flexibly move the front small table according to needs to suite different scenarios such as learning, leisure, and communication. They can also freely combine tables and chairs in groups. This work achieves the balance between product function, look and productivity, taking into consideration both the individual experience and the collective needs.

This is a university dormitory furniture developed for "Huimei Group (Zhejiang)". The design theme is "Forward", that is, to create an atmosphere of "positive forward" in the dormitory. This design pays attention not only to the realization of "private space", but also to the function of "communication", to create a healthy and comfortable campus dormitory environment for students. This is conducive to the healthy growth of college students in the new era in terms of physiology and psychology. This design is mainly innovated in item storage, protection of personal privacy, communication with others, personalized decoration, and promotion of learning, etc.

This is a smart massage product designed for the elderly with "degeneration of the body". This product is based on "TENS percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation electronic pulse" and "ultrasonic super musculoskeletal detection" technology to realize smart detection, matching massage, historical records, and rehabilitation functions to improve the sense of safety and wellbeing of the elderly in daily life.

The European Product Design Award aims to recognize innovative designers and design teams and encourage them to improve our daily lives and spread happy experiences through practical and valuable design works. The competition has attracted the participation of designers, design companies, design institutions, and design schools across the globe. The Industrial Design Center of the Fashion and Art Design Institute, as a Shanghai municipal level industrial design center, has won nearly 100 domestic and foreign well-known design awards, including the Red Dot Award, IF Producy Design Award, International Design Excellence Awards, Red Star Design Award, A’ Design Award, and European Product Design Award. The Center, taking the output of high-level "design theory" and "design practice" as its criteria, is committed to playing the important role of design in serving economic and social development, and serving the people's high-quality life needs with artistic design results.