Progress in triboelectric fibers and textilesmade by DHU’s research team


The advanced Functional materials research group of Donghua University has made progress in the field of triboelectric fiber electronics. The result was published on Advanced Materialsunder the title of Abrasion/water-proof stretchable triboelectric yarns based on Fermat spirals. Donghua University is the only organization to complete the thesis. Zhang Dewei, a master student in the College of Materials Science and Engineering, and Yang Weifeng, a doctoral student, are the co-first authors, and Associate Researcher Hou Chengyi and Researcher Zhang Qinghong are the co-corresponding authors.

(The continuous and scalable manufacture, design model  and  physical photograph ofFermat-spiral-based energy yarn)

In recent years, the research group has achieved a series of research achievements in this field: continuous and large-scale production of stretchable amphibious energy yarns using industrial-grade spinning equipment (Nature Communications, 2019, 10, 868); Based on the design principle of "all-fiber", a friction-ferroelectric co-electronic fabric with moisture and thermal stability and comfort was developed (Nature Communications, 2019, 10, 5541). Coupled with capillarity effect, a new type of ferroelectric enhanced triboelectric hygroscopic fast-drying textile was manufactured (Advanced Materials, 2021, 33, 2007352).

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