SCF Graduate Works Win Award at Graduate Fashion Week in London


Recently, the outstanding works of over 1,000 students from 38 fashion design colleges and universities across the UK were showcased at the Graduate Fashion Week (GFW) in London. Dong Ziling, a graduate from the “Creative Fashion Design” joint program ran by Donghua University’s Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF) and the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) of University of Edinburgh in UK, brought her works to the show and won the “GFW Sportswear and Leisurewear Award”.

(Dong Ziling’s graduation works)

(Dong Ziling’s Award Acceptance)

Dong Ziling's work take inspiration from the concept of balance, bringing out the imbalance and transformation of the life state through exaggeration and darkness. Her work invites young people to engage in deep thought about excessive consumption. “In the past year, when creating my graduation works, I experienced a lot of ups and downs, in addition to countless disputes, self-doubts and moments of desperation. However, fortunately, I’ve remained true to my original style and ideas. I am very grateful to my instructor, Lyndsey, for her tolerance and instruction, and for giving me various valuable opinions. In short, I have gained a lot this year and have grown a lot. What I can tell is that I like design more, and I love life more. It’s a pity that, due to the epidemic, I can’t participate in the award ceremony at the Graduation Fashion Week in London. I hope that in the future, I can be more confident and optimistic, and work hard and firmly reach where I dream of.”

GFW has been under the spotlight since its inception in 1991, and has been recognized as the cradle of rookies in the fashion industry. GFW21 has a total of 20 awards, all of which are reviewed by industry professionals and ambassadors, covering disciplines such as textile design, styling and creation. As the world’s largest graduation fashion design show, it has attracted excellent work series from 38 colleges and universities from China, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and other countries to compete this year alone. The prestigious award, won by our graduate, has demonstrated the diversity and innovative spirit of Donghua University’s graduates in design creation. It is an incredible honor to receive the attention and commendations of the event organizer and our peers from all the other international colleges and universities around the world.

SCF is dedicated to cultivating world-class fashion creative talents for society. Introducing a world-class education system, adhering to the output-oriented education model (OBE), it adopts project-based research teaching, and provides an open and inclusive learning environment for all students. SCF strives to motivate students and help them improve the effectiveness of learning. In addition, it has built a quality assurance system and guarantee mechanism that combines Chinese and Western strengths, and offers professional, standard and normalized laboratories, data libraries, etc., to offer a full range of hardware and software support to teachers in the teaching, educating and fostering of students in a well-rounded way, and promote students’ overall growth and achievements.