DHU designs won accolades at A’ Design Award & Competition


Winners were announced recently for the 2020-2021 edition of A’ Design Award & Competition, including designs by the team led by Wu Chunmao at the Industrial Design Center of the School of Fashion & Art Design: M Genius designed by Gao Tian won Golden A' Design Award of the Interface and Interaction Design Category; Lian Multifunctional Chair designed by Lian Mengfei for Zhejiang Huimei Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. won A' Design Award of the Furniture Design Category; and Care U Scanning Massager, the diploma project of Shen Yuhong, won A' Design Award of the Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design Category.

For many young people, it isn’t easy to master knowledge of functions, etc. in mathematics. This is a visualized mathematical app for young students to learn functions. Its parametric design allows the visualization of mathematical formula results and the generation of three-dimensional visual graphics to be printed out. It makes it easier for students to understand functions by adjusting mathematical parameters. This design enables gamification to increase students' interests of learning mathematics.

This is a piece of furniture developed for small-group discussion in classrooms of China’s higher education institutes commissioned by Zhejiang Huimei. The design team, inspired by “ripples” (涟漪, “lianyi” in pinyin), a popular image in Chinese culture, named the design “Lian”, indicating a kind of connection between the students, the teacher and the classroom built by the product. The student can move the table top in the front of the chair flexibly as per his/her needs such as learning, leisure and communication, and the group can freely combine their chairs for discussion. Taking both individual enjoyment and group needs into account, the design has struck a balance between functionality, style and production.

This is a smart massager designed for the elderly suffering physical decline. Based on the technologies of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) using electrical impulses and musculoskeletal ultrasound detection, it has the functions of smart detection, appropriate massaging, historical records, and health restoration, improving seniors’ sense of security and well-being.

A’ Design Award & Competition of Italy is currently the world’s largest comprehensive design competition with the most categories. It aims to discover and recognize the most excellent designs, technologies, and ideas worldwide and provide winners with an international platform to showcase their designs, so as to inspire designers, agencies and brands to create more outstanding products, projects and services, and promote social development and industry prosperity. The jury consists of over 200 experts from various sectors, and winning products are chosen every year according to the overall score ranking. As a city-level industrial design center, the Industrial Design Center of the School of Fashion & Art Design at Donghua University (DHU) is committed to creating quality theoretical results and design cases, and continues to give play to the important role of design in serving economic and social development and leverage art design results to better serve people’s needs for a quality life.