Progress made in transition-metal compound superhard material by DHU’s research team

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2021-04-14Browse the number:52

Professor Liang Yongcheng from the College of Science and Professor Zhang Guojun from the Research Center for Functional Materials of DHU, in collaboration with Southern University of Science and Technology and other teams, have produced the hardest transition-metal carbide material so far and revealed its physical mechanism. The result was published on ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces under the title of Enhanced Hardness in Transition-Metal Monocarbides via Optimal Occupancy of Bonding Orbitals.

In recent years, Professor Liang Yongcheng and Professor Zhang Guojun have been cooperating with researchers from Southern University of Science and Technology, Jiangsu University, Shanghai University, Wuhan University, State University of New York, and other institutes, to carry out systematic study on the novel properties of transition-metal compounds. Relevant results have been published in the international journals like Nanoscale, MaterialsToday Physics, Chemistry of Materials and Physical Review B (Rapid Communications), with Professor Liang Yongcheng from Donghua University being the first author and first corresponding author of these papers.

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