New results in biodegradable vascular stents obtained


A new type of biodegradable vascular stent with PLC/PPDO Composite Structure with mechanical self-reinforcing property was developed by the research group of the College of Texiles. The relevant result was published on Bioactive Materials under the tile of “Development of a polycaprolactone/poly(p-dioxanone) bioresorbable stent with mechanically self-reinforced structure for congenital heart disease treatment”. The co-lead author of the paper are Zhao Fan, a doctoral candidate from College of Texiles, and Dr. Sun Jing of Xinhua Hospital. The corresponding authors are professor Wang Lu of Donghua University, senior engineer Wang Fujun of Donghua University and Prof. Sun Kun, a president of Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai.

Schematic representation of braided composite stent structure. b. Finite-element analysis results for the Von Mise stress distribution of braided stent models under parallel compression

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