Dickinson College Summer Bridge Program in Donghua


The Dickinson College Bridge Program in Donghua offers students a head start in preparing for a college education in the United States. Students learn to meet the academic demands of a US education—in particular, reading comprehension, college-level writing, and critical thinking—and to develop the soft skills needed to stand out in today’s competitive college application landscape.

Why Choose Dickinson Bridge Program?

  • Distinguish youself from other international student applicants by having completed a college-level program with a top-ranked liberal arts school

  • Gain quality one-on-one face time with Dickinson College faculty and advisors

  • Understand US college academic expectations and campus culture

  • Ensure social success in the US by having previous experience living on a college campus and away from home

  • Gain mastery in communicating their ideas in spoken and written English. Be more proactive and effective communicators in English

  • Experience campus life in a top Chinese University,  foster cohort-building, and be more independent

Earn College Credit

Students will take an intensive English writing course with a Dickinson College faculty member. Students also enroll in a highly interactive course that introduces students to US college campus life and classroom expectations. Both courses are designed to strengthen students’ advanced English skills and to distinguish college applicants by successfully completing undergraduate-level coursework and training.

Lead Teacher

Dr. John Katunich

Associate Director of Writing Program, Dickinson College

Writing Program (WRPG 100): Academic Writing for International Students

35 contact hours, 1 Dickinson credit

Online Instruction + Shanghai-based workshops

Recognizing that different cultures define good writing in different ways, this course introduces students to the conventions and expectations of academic writing at US colleges and universities. Through the process of engaging a relevant global issue, students learn how to read critically and analyze texts, develop a complex and debatable thesis about those texts, find and integrate sound evidence for one’s argument, and refine grammar and word choice in writing.

College Preparation (GNED 100): Strategies for Academic Success

Classroom Instruction + Field Activities

This course introduces knowledge and enhances skillsets that give international students a head start in adapting to university life in the United States. Students who successfully complete this course in Shanghai will arrive to US schools equipped with strategies for academic success, social engagement, and monitoring their own well-being.

  • Module 1: US Classroom Culture & Academic Expectations

  • Module 2: Social Awareness in the Campus Community Context

  • Module 3: Seeking Support & Understanding Your Resources on US Campuses

College Guidance

Students will gain access to resources that will help inform them how to identify schools that are the right fit, how to position themselves as competitive applicants, and how to position their Bridge experience as an advantage in college applications.

During the program, Bridge students:

  • Participate in info sessions with admissions officers from Dickinson and several other top-ranked US colleges and universities

  • Strengthen personal essay-writing skills to support your college application

  • Access a network of local alumni in Shanghai from top-tier US schools

  • Learn how to navigate the student visa application process

At a Glance


July. 1 - July 31, 2021


Yan'an Campus of Donghua University

Located in the prosperous area in the center of Shanghai, with convenient living and transportation around

Teaching Language



Donghua University International Students Apartments(Details


  • Applicants must be 16 or older

  • Minimum English Level:

    • TOEFL 80 or higher

    • IELTS 6.5 or higher

    • Duolingo 105 or higher

    • CEFR B2 or higher

    • or equivalent english level

Application Deadline

May 10, 2021

Contact Us

Ms. Ge   021-62373452 #16  Emailgeyiling@dhu.edu.cn

Ms. Shao 021-62708868        Email: nshao@cetacademicprograms.com

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