Researcher Yan Jianhua of Textiles College Wins the Outstanding Achievement Award of 2020 China New Technology Figures

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On December 19, the China New Technology Forum sponsored by the Science and Technology Communication Center of the China Association for Science and Technology was held in the China Science and Technology Hall. Winners of the 2020 China New Technology Figures were announced at the forum. After nomination from people in all walks of life, expert committee review, public selection and expert review, Researcher Yan Jianhua of Textile School won the Outstanding Achievement Award of the 2020 China New Technology Figures.

(Yan Jianhua, the third one from right, at the site of the award ceremony)

The research results contributing to this award were published on Science Advances titled “Transformation of Oxide Ceramic Textiles from Insulation to Conduction at Room Temperature”. In the research, Yan Jianhua proposed a new idea of normal temperature domino-cascade reduction strategy and established a new method for quickly regulating the conductivity of metal oxide fiber membranes at room temperature that enables rapid transformation of many metal oxide fiber membranes from insulation to conduction. Yan Jianhua mainly researches transition metal oxide nanofiber ion/electronic conductor materials, porous carbon nanofiber materials and their applications in the field of flexible solid-state lithium batteries and electrochemical sensing/energy storage. In recent years, he has published nearly 30 papers in Sci. Adv.,Nat. Commun., Adv. Mater and other journals.

(Yan Jianhua taking a phone at the site)

The selection of China’s top ten new technology figures aims to propagandize outstanding young Chinese scholars, showcase their great scientific research results, promote the popularization and transformation of scientific research results, and encourage young scholars to keep moving on. Since the launch of the selection in 2015, the public have responded magnificently and given extensive support.