The Proposal of the First Textile-related ISO International Standard Led by DHU Approved

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2020-12-11Browse the number:10

On December 8, the secretariat of ISO/TC38/SC23 issued the Document N678, formally confirming that the proposal of “Textiles – Determination of components in flax fibres”, the new international standard project led by DHU, has met the requirements of project determination through 3 months of voting, and the project has been approved with the number of ISO/NP 5773. The project leader is professor-level senior engineer Li Weidong, executive deputy director of the Textile Testing Center of DHU. The standard development time is expected to be 3 years.

Aiming at the demand for quality control of flax and other hemp fibers in actual production and international trade, this standard has studied and formulated the quantitative analysis method of the composition of cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, pectin, and lipid waxiness in flax and other hemp fibers, and has provided an effective detection mean for the quality control of hemp fibers in each spinning production link.

With the help of the Key Laboratory of Science & Technology of Eco-Textile, the standard research team of the Textile Testing Center of DHU gives full play to the role and functions of the convener of the ISO/TC38/SC23/WG02 (natural cellulose fiber) working group, fully understands the latest technology status, scientific and technological information and development trends in this field at home and abroad, and develops and masters the key core technologies such as the use of ecological green methods for testing by carrying out a large number of scientific experiments innovatively, which fully embodies the international leading technical level and wide-ranging influence and contributes to the project approval by ISO voting.

This is the first ISO standard led by DHU in the textile field, which helps to further enhance DHU’s ability to formulate and revise international standards and promote the progress of the global textile industry. The formulation of this standard plays an important role in improving the international standard system in the textile field, effectively strengthening China’s voice and leading power in the formulation of textile-related international standards, and expanding China’s influence in ISO.