Online Application Guidance - Chinese Programs


Online Application Guidance for Chinese Programs

Important note: Before you formally start the online application, please read this guide carefully to ensure that you can complete the application accurately and efficiently. If you fill in the application information accurately and truthfully, submit the relevant materials as required, and pay the application fee in time, it generally takes International Students Admissions Office 2 to 4 weeks to process your application. In addition, it needs 1 to 2 weeks to prepare your visa materials. Admissions Office will email you on the method you are going to collect your admission package.

If you encounter any problems during the application, you can contact us via email. We will generally respond to your questions within 3 working days. If you have not received the relevant email, please check your spam mailbox first to avoid missed emails. During the peak application period, the email response time will be longer. Please understand.

1. Please visit Please register an account if you are a first time user. Your passport No. or your email address will be your user name. Please remember your password since you need to log in your account again in the future. If you forget your password, please contact International Students Admissions Office to reset your password

2. Click "CONTINUTE" button on the Main Page

3. For student who logs in for the first time, please fill in the Personal Information in detail. Please note that all the information needs to be filled in. If a certain piece of information is not applicable to your situation, please select "N/A".

Attention: Please fill in carefully and double check the information before submitting. Once submitted, your personal information cannot be modified by yourself.

4. Please upload your ID photo, your passport copy as required. If you are in China during the time of application, copy of Chinese visa is also required. please  make sure the phots are clear and the information is legible. And the size of the file should be less than 100K.

Attention: Please double check before submitting. Once submitted, you cannot change the photos by yourself

5.Once you submitted all the personal information, please click "Acadmeic Info" on the left menue to start your program application.

6. Choose the right program according to your needs

7. Please fill all the required information marked with "*". If a certain piece of information is not applicable to your situation, please type N/A.  

8.After filling in and saving the Acadmic Info, you just finished the first step of the application. Please wait for the International Student Admissions Office to process your application. The processing time is about 3-6 working days. You can log in to the system at any time and click Academic Info to check your application progress.

9. If you find that the status changes to "To Be Review", it confirms that the International Student Admissions Office has received your application. Please click "Application Progress" to continue your application


10. On the application progress page, Area A indicates the additional materials you need to provide to complete your application. If the photo of the passport or visa page you submitted is not clear enough, the Admissions Office will still ask you to provide the corresponding photo again.

In area B, you can pay the application online to complete your application. Please refer to Online Payment Guide for more details


11. After you paid the application fee and submit other required materials, the Admissions Office will start to process your application formally. If you need a study visa, we will also apply for the the visa document (JW202) required for an entry study visa for you. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks for the application review and visa document application to be processed, so please be patient.

12. When your status changes to Admitted, you may have already received an notification email from the Admissions Office. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you on campus or online in the near future.

13. Once your application has been acceptted, you can also download your Admission Notice to learn issues related to school registration from the Application Progress page.

14. Please check your email frequestly. The Admissions Office will notify you by email about important matters such as how to receive your admission package, placement test, and registration process for new semester. Please follow the instructions in the email to complete all matters.

If you do not receive the relevant email, please do not panic. Please check your spam mailbox first before contacting the ational Student Admissions Office. Many times, emails from the Admissions Office have been classifed as junk mail. The Admissions Office will try to respond to your email within 3 working days, but during the period of application peak, the response time will be longer. Thank you for your understand.

Finally, welcome to Donghua University. You will have an unforgettable journey here!