Application   Deadline

Enrollment Schedule

For Fall intake

For Spring Intake

Application Deadline

June 30th, of current year

December. 30th of previous year

Start of the semester

End of August or Beginning of September

End of February or Beginning of March

Please follow the steps outlined below to finish your application. Please note that all required application materials must be submitted for an application to be considered complete. Interview maybe required as the supplement


Step 1: Apply online

Fill out the online application form, upload your ID photo and a photocopy of your valid passport. If you are not in your home country during the application, your currently valid visa in that country is also required.


Step 2: Submit the following application materials

Printed and signed application form


Copy of official secondary or post-secondary educational credentials and full transcript

The documents must be in English or Chinese with official stamps of the high school or authorized education institute. Notarized translated copies must be submitted if the document is not in Chinese or English.

→ If you apply before the completion of high school, an official letter issued by the institute indicating the time when you will receive the certificate is required. Copy of certificate and final version of the transcripts are still required once you received them.


Proof of adequate English proficiency (valid from Fall 2017 intake):

An applicant whose native language is not English must submit a score of IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent. Minimum overall band of IELTS score is 6. Minimum score for TOFEL (IBT) is 80. An applicant who receives a high school certificate from an English-speaking country may be exempted from this language requirement.

*For more information on IELTS, please visit And visit for more information on TOEFL. The TOEFL Institution code of Donghua University is 4422


Personal statement in English

It should be in an essay format (more than 400 words) and mainly introduce yourself, your interests, your future career plan and the reason to choose DHU.



Merit, testimonials, or other documents that you wish to be considered


Step 3: Pay Application Fee:CNY 800 (non-refundable)

→ Make payment online (Recommended)

→  Pay CASH directly at International Cultural Exchange School



Where to send the documents:

Please scan the application materials and upload them to the associated sections in online application system or email them to However, original documents need to be verified during enrollment. If the scan copy and original documents are inconsistent, the enrollment qualification will be cancelled. All the application materials will not be returned.


Conditional Admission:Applicants with IELTS below 6 or equivalent may be admitted conditionally and will be required to study in the University Foundation Program (UFP) until the English proficiency level passed the entry requirement.

Transfer Students:Only student who has been studying in a university in the similar major for more than one semester can apply for credit transfer. The official transcript, the syllabus of the courses or other associated documents are required. CIP reserves the right to make final decision on credit transfer. Maximum of 30 credits can be transferred.




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