The International Cultural Exchange School of Donghua University has always been open to all international students and local foreign residents. Its main objective is to disseminate Chinese culture and promote key disciplines of the University.


You are sincerely invited to join the International Programs to learn major related knowledge, know Chinese language, culture and business environment in its essence, master practical skills needed in the society and be willing to devote themselves to the community development of countries from all over the world.


Located in downtown Shanghai and surrounded by multinational corporations, large-scale exhibition halls, consulates, upscale business buildings and impressive mansions, Donghua University is convenient and comfortable for study and living.


At DonghuaUniversity, international students will not only learn knowledge, but also make friends with people from all the corners of the world. You will integrate yourselves with the locals in Shanghai and know better about the Chinese culture, Chinese people and Chinese society through the challenging extracurricular activities scheduled each semester.

The faculty and staff are committed to your success, and our offices are always open to make you feel just like home. We are working hard to provide you with quality educational & living experiences in a both international and Chinese environment ideal for not only knowledge learning but also self-development.

It is our sincere hope that studying at CIP would become a valuable experience in your life and lead you to the door of a successful future.

Welcome and best wishes in pursuing lifelong learning!


All faculty & staff of ICES