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1. Application Procedure for Self-funded Study and SGS

* Procedure

(1) Check if DHU offers the major/academic field you prefer to learn. You can refer to the Major List.

(2) Visit apply.ices.cn to register a personal account, finish and submit the DHU online application form; If apply for SGS, please select “Government Scholarship” as the “Source of Funding” on the application form.

(3) After DHU's preliminary review, an email will be sent to guide each applicant the next steps.

(4) Submit the full set of required application materials (refer to “Application Materials”) and pay CNY600 application fee for official review; Pay online at apply.ices.cn; or pay in person with RMB cash or UnionPay card at DHU.

(5) Keep contact with DHU's recruitment staff to complete application in case of missing any documents.

* Official review: the official review includes the academic reviews from the respective colleges and relevant academic departments of Donghua University, and for SGS applications, the “Donghua University Government Scholarship Review Conference” held in April.

* Conditional Admission: A conditional Admission Notice will be issued to applicant who gains approval from DHU but still has certain document(s) pending. These applicants must submit required documents before the designated enrollment date in order to bring the admission letter into effect; otherwise DHU will withdraw the admission.

* Final result announcement DHU will email the applicants to announce the final result of SGS in May, and of self-funded study from May through July according to one’s application time.

2. Application Materials


           Fill in DHU online application form: apply.ices.cn

       • ID photo

Photo Requirements: recent bareheaded (within six months), full-face, white-colorbackground, two-inch certificate photo,   instead of landscape photos or photos of daily life; in JPG format, less than 100K.

       •Passport copy

A clear copy of your valid passport with your name, photo, birth date, place of birth, date of issue, date of expiry. Visa page is required for applicants who are not in their home country.


 ※  High schoolgraduation certificate and transcripts of all grades:

• Copies of the original certificate with the high school stamp and/or the signature of the principal. If the originals are not in Chinese or English, they must be translated and notarized.

• For applicants who haven’t graduated, pending graduation certificate and transcripts available till the application date are also acceptable. Official graduation certificate and transcripts of all grades shall be submitted timely after being received.

 ※  If you are applying for Chinese-taught majors:

• HSK Certificate: HSK 5 (above 180 scores) or above

• The certificate must be received within recent two years.

 ※  If you are applying for English-taught programs (SCF, CIP):

• IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL IBT 80 or above received within the recent two years. Students who submit other English proficiency certificate might be asked to submit supplementary materials.

• Applicants whose native language is English do not need to provide these documents.

 ※  Personal Statement:

• Essay format written in English or Chinese on one page of A4 size paper. For applicants of English-taught programs (SCF, CIP), it must be written in English.

• Introducing why you are applying – your interests and enthusiasm for the major, how your previous studies or experience relate to the major.

• Introducing what makes you suitable – any relevant skills, experience or achievements gained from previous education, work or other activities.

• Why you choose to study in China instead of your own country, and why Donghua University.


          It is required to submit art or design works strictly according to the following requirements:

• If you are applying for Chinese-taught majors (Fashion & Apparel Design, Product Design, Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Art, Art & Technology): the original latest art works must be submitted with the other documents, including one pencil sketch, one color painting, one design rendering (for fashion related, it must be ladies' wear or mens' wear). All works must be in the size of 360mm*260mm.

• If you are applying for majors offered by SCF, please offer the Personal Creative Design Portfolio recorded in a CD disk. No limits on formats required but designs by hand are preferred. The works need to be shot by DV with your own oral English presentation of design concepts to reflect your understanding of professional knowledge, skills and creativity.



* The general scholar applicants need to submit the same documents, along with the official certificate/letter issued by a university that proves having learned for at least one year.

* Applicants of B.A. in Chinese Language, please refer to its prospectus or visit here for more information.

3. Submission

Digital application materials Part B MUST be zipped in to ONE archive and sent to ices@dhu.edu.cn as an attachment with the title of “Program Name-Medium of Instruction (EN/CH)-Bachelor-Your Passport No”. For Example: “Marketing–CH–Bachelor-P0087564”.

DHU will reply you upon receipt of these documents.

Meanwhile, applicants may submit paper-based application materials to us in the ways below:

* Bring application materials directly to International Student Admissions Dept. (Office 121), International Cultural Exchange School of Donghua University.

* Send application materials by post:

Address: International Student Admissions Dept. (Office 121)

 International Cultural Exchange School, Donghua University,

 No.1882 Yan’an Road West,

 200051, Shanghai,

 P. R. China.

Phone:  0086-21-62378595

4. Attention

* Applicants who have submitted copies of certificates are required to take the originals for verification on the enrollment day. If the copies submitted are inconsistent with the originals, DHU reserves the right to withdraw the admission.

* Students who are admitted to art and design related majors will take a painting test before enrollment: a pencil sketch and a color painting. If results are inconsistent with the works submitted for application, DHU reserves the right to withdraw the admission.

* Application materials and application fee cannot be returned under any circumstances. DHU reserves the right to ask applicants for supplementary materials.

* If the sending of admission documents fails due to invalid, incorrect or unspecific information provided, applicants themselves shall bear the responsibilities.