As one of the key universities directly under the Ministry of Education of China, DHU has been appointed to accept international students with Chinese Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as CSC) from 1954. Each year, DHU accepts about 100 Chinese Government Scholarship students from all over the world to pursue undergraduate (bachelor’s) or postgraduate (master’s or doctoral) degrees or study as visiting scholars in degree programs and Chinese language programs.

1. Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) - Regular Programs

China Scholarship Concil, entrusted by the Ministry of Education of China, is responsible for the enrollment and administration of Chinese Government Scholarship programs. Programs listed below are applicable to certain target prospective students. For more information, please refer to

CSC - Regular   Programs (partial)

Target   Prospective Students

Application Receiving   Agency

Bilateral Program

Bachelor, Master and PhD applicants, Visiting Scholar

dispatching authorities in your home country

Great Wall Program

General and Advanced Scholar

National Commissions for UNESCO in your home country

EU Program

Bachelor, Master and PhD applicants, Visiting  Scholar

Office for Education and Culture, Mission of P.R.   China to the European Union

AUN Program

Masterand PhD applicants

AUN Secretariat

PIF program

Bachelor, Master and PhD applicants, Visiting Scholar

Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat

* Consult & application: please visit and contact the accordingly receiving agency listed above for consulting and application issues, e.g. the application deadline, the procedure, and the application materials required.

* When to apply: generally from the beginning of January to the beginning of April; for the exact dates, please consult the accordingly receiving agency listed above.

* Final result announcement: the accordingly receiving agency listed above will contact the applicants directly for the final result.

* What DHU involves in your application:

   (1) DHU Agency Code10255

   (2) Check if DHU offers the program you prefer to learn.

   (3) To increase the likelihood of winning the scholarship, you may also send the whole set of your application materials to to apply for “Pre-admission Notice”. In case you fail to receive the scholarship, with this “Pre-admission Notice”, you will have chance to study at DHU as a self-funded student (you need to contact DHU before Jun. 30 for this issue).

   (4) Please be aware that it takes at least two weeks to complete the review. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to consult timely and make early preparation of application materials.

2. Chinese Government Scholarship - Chinese University Program / Silk Road Program

* Applicable Programs:

   (1) Master’s degree programs except Business Administration (MBA) and International Business

   (2) Doctoral degree programs

* Full Scholarship Coverage:

   (1) a waiver of tuition fee

   (2) free on-campus dormitory accommodation

   (3) monthly stipend (master's programs: CNY 3000; doctoral programs: CNY3500)

   (4) Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students in China

* Schooling & Duration:.

   (1) Master’s degree programs: 2 to 3 years (can be extended for 1-year Chinese language study)

   (2) Doctoral degree programs: 3 to 4 years (can be extended for 1-year Chinese language study)

   The actual scholarship duration is subject to the information on Admission Notice, which cannot be extended in general.

* When to Apply: from present to March. 31 (fall intake only)

* How to apply: consult and apply directly to Donghua University. Please refer to the "Undergraduate Programs Prospectus" and "Postgraduate Programs Prospectus".

* Applicant Eligibility

   (1) Be a non-Chinese citizen in good health.

   (2) Not be an enrolled degree student in Chinese universities at the time of application.

   (3) Be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral programs.

   (4) Be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs.

   (5) Be excellent in academic and extra-curricular performance and yet not be rewarded any other scholarships offered by government, institutes or organizations in China.