2018 Fashion Week | The 3rd “Think·Youth” Show & Awarding Ceremony of Winners of Shanghai University Student Cultural Creative Works (Fashion Design) Kicks Off

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   On April 28, the 3rd “Think·Youth” Show & Awarding Ceremony of Winners of Shanghai University Student Cultural Creative Works Exhibition (Fashion Design), co-sponsored by Party Committee of Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Work and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and organized by Donghua University (DHU) opened in the Columbia Circle. Altogether 108 sets of clothes in 36 groups, including award-winning works from 10 colleges and universities in Shanghai, as well as outstanding student works from Shih Chien University and Xinjiang University appeared successively. Deputy Secretary Jin Haiyan of DHU Party Committee, Vice President Chen Jianfeng of Shanghai Business School, Vice President Gu Chengming of Shanghai Film Art Academy, and Vice President Yao Yongjing of Shanghai Bangde College presented the awards to the winners.

This is the third year for DHU to hold the “Think·Youth” event which is themed “Unboundedness” and aims to encourage innovation by constantly breaking through and surpassing, blending, and transforming the boundaries and giving full play to the imagination with boundaries as the inspiration. The recommendation of fashion works for the show and the preliminary evaluation were carried out in mid-March while the finals were held at the Studio No. 5 of Shanghai Film Group.

Based on the previous two sessions, this year's works excel in creativity, connotation, materials, and quality, involving various creative perspectives such as environmental protection, history and culture, contemporary art, ethnic style, street fashion, and technology outlook, which brought a visual feast to the audience with distinct originality and sense of fashion. For instance, the work “Circus” integrates the funny clown style with classical femininity and interprets the relationship between the performers (funny clowns) and the audience (classical and feminine ladies).

Adhering to the goal of promoting the development of domestic fashion industry and the aim to cultivate talents in fashion creative industry, the “Think·Youth” serial events have combined internationalization with localization to propel fashion innovation and cultural communication in the past three years. DHU is also devoted to the development and promotion of China’s fashion education, China’s fashion industry and the quality of Chinese people’s clothing.