2018 Fashion Week | The 24th International Fashion Forum at Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival & The 17th Greater Donghua Fashion Week kicks off

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The 24th International Fashion Forum at Shanghai International Fashion Cultural Festival & the 17th Greater Donghua Fashion Week (hereinafter referred to as “Fashion Week”) opened at the Yan’an Road campus of Donghua University (DHU) on April 24, 2018. Chancellor of the Party Committee Zhu Min, Vice President Liu Chunhong, and Dean of Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation (SCF) Zhang Jie attended the opening ceremony. The external leaders and guests present at the ceremony include President Zhou Yupeng of Shanghai Services Federation, Chairman Zhang Qinghui of China Fashion Association and Deputy Governor Liu Ping of Changning District, as well as relevant personnel from French Embassy in China, partner institutions, industry societies and associations and social media.


Zhu Min first extended a warm welcome to the guests at home and abroad, and then introduced the efforts and achievements made by DHU in promoting the “Double First-class” construction, developing high-quality design disciplines, and propelling the concentrated development of Greater Donghua Fashion and Creative Industries. The International Fashion Forum this year will be themed with “Fashion + Culture”, “Fashion + Technology” and “Fashion + Art”, which will provide an open platform for people in fashion and creative industries to exchange ideas, to promote originality, to inherit cultural heritage and to promote brands.

(Zhu Min)

Zhou Yupeng, Zhang Qinghui and Liu Ping extended, on behalf of Shanghai Services Federation, China Fashion Association and the Government of Changning District respectively, warm congratulations to the opening of the Greater Donghua Fashion Week while appreciating the contributions made by DHU to both national and Shanghai fashion and creative education and industrial development.


    (Zhou Yupeng)

(Zhang Qinghui)

( Liu Ping)

Zhang Jie, Dean of SCF and Chairman of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, said that Hi-Tech Group will further strengthen its strategic cooperation with DHU and further promote the synergy in the fields of textile machinery, new materials, and fashion and cultural industries, so as to realize resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win result. Besides, Liu Chunhong signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Liu jiebo, Party Committee Member and Secretary of the Board of Directors of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation.

(Zhang Jie)

(Signing of strategic cooperation agreement)

It’s worth noting that The Comprehensive History of Chinese Textiles published by Donghua University Press was unveiled by Zhou Qicheng, China’s famous textile historian and educator and the First Chief Editor of this book together with Liu Chunhong at the ceremony.

(Zhou Qicheng and Liu Chunhong unveiled the Monograph)

The next week will witness the launch of 42 events under four sections of the fashion week, i.e., Shanghai Forum, Shanghai Exhibition, Shanghai Fashion Show and Shanghai Creation. The Shanghai Museum of Textile and Costume will also hold multiple thematic exhibitions that focus on the inheritance of textile and costume civilization and the confidence of fashion culture.