Freshmen Guide

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Tuition payment

You are suggested to pay the tuition by the following ways in advance in case of the long queue on the enrollment day:

l Pay online (recommended): Use your Visa card, MasterCard, or UnionPay card which has been enabled online payment service. Log in your personal account at, clickacademic information - application progress - payment information - online payment and pay.

l Pay at ICES office: with RMB cash or UnionPay card.


l Come to ICES in person to process enrollment on the day assigned on the Admission Notice, bring your original passport, Admission Notice and relevant fees.

l Main issues: pick up your student ID card, finish tuition and other relevant fees payment, get passport and visa double-checked, and take the Chinese placement test.

l Other issues: collect textbooks, purchase shuttle bus card or food card for university canteens, etc.


Shuttle bus service

ICES offers shuttle bus service to Program C students who live in the foreigner gathering areas such as Longbai, Gubei, Fengdu International and Qibao Wanke. Fee of shuttle bus service is CNY 300-500/semester.


Off-campus residence

l On-campus dormitories are not open to students of Program C/D/E/F. They’ll take care of the accommodations outside campus by themselves.

l Each foreigner should go to the local police station to draw Registration Form of Temporary Residence (RFTR) within 24 hours since moving in the apartment, with the original passport and rental contract. The form must be renewed upon change of residential address or change of visa.

l While living outside the campus, please be aware of your security and be careful of using water, gas and electricity.



l ICES does not issue documents for students of Program C/D/E/F to apply for a student visa or study Residence Permit. Please handle the visa on your own to make sure its validity covers the study duration.

l Please pay special attention to the expiry date of current visa and extend or renew it in time.