Excellent Prize taken home by students from CIMU

Publisher:宋玮Release time:2015-10-28Browse the number:87

On 14th October, the "2015 Chinese bridge—Sino African friendship knowledge competition" was successfully held at Nairobi University, Kenya. Fifteen students from four Confucius Institute and one Confucius Class in Kenya attended the competition. The two contestants from Donghua Confucius Institute at Moi University(CIMU) named Kemei and Mali won the “Excellent prize”.

In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of China-Africa Cooperation Forum and welcome the upcoming summit held in South AfricaHanban organized the first Chinese bridge—Sino African friendship knowledge competition, aiming to promoting the friendship between China and Africa. CIMU launched this March, despite of the short time of Chinese learning, the students from CIMU were very passionate about this competition. They learnt the knowledge of China and Africa very hard, and catched every minute to practice the speech and talent show. Finally two students got the tickets to Nairobi. The teachers from CIMU make full use of the weekends to do the comprehensive training for the two contestants.

In the competition, Mali presented a poem called the magic of Chinese, She shared the experience of learning Chinese, which makes us figure out the importance of languages in the communication with different cultures. Kemei presented a traditional vocal show “san ju ban” of which the name is “the long friendship between China and Africa”. Audience were all impressed by Kemei’s perfect accent and creative performance. During the competition, we also enjoyed the performance from other Confucius Institute in Kenya.