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Program C/D: With reasonable schedule and numerous in-class practices, students will learn daily Chinese and adapt to the life in China better. Program D is only for exchange students.

Program E: It is designed especially for those who work in the daytime. Focused on business Chinese, students are expected to master conversations in daily life and business occasions.

Program F: A weekend intensive Chinese program featured by topic discussions and outdoor language practice, aiming to improve one’s daily communication skills.


1.High-standard teaching group, diversified teaching modes and modern teaching facilities

All the teachers in the teaching group are equipped with professional background in “Teaching Chinese as a Second Language” and with rich teaching experience. Traditional classroom teaching and colorful activities are combined in order to integrate amusement in teaching. ICES also have plenty modern multimedia classrooms, language labs, reading rooms and self-study rooms to assist language education.

2.Comfortable and convenient surroundings, high-quality and efficient service

Yan’an road campus is located in the downtown area of Shanghai and is surrounded by several business circles with many banks, supermarkets, dozens of subways and bus lines, which greatly contributes to the convenient transportations. ICES can offer multilingual services in English, Korean and Japanese. Online application system also make it easier for students to apply.

3.Scholarships and multiple bonuses for currently enrolled students

ICES provides Excellent Student Award, Progress Award and Excellent Class Award, etc. to excellent students or classes, it covers 16% of the total language students. Currently enrolled students can enjoy the tuition waiver, join cultural workshops and international student activities for free or enjoy a discount.

      4.Colorful extra-curricular activities and experience Chinese culture

To help students understand Chinese culture and be immersed into Chinese society, ICES arranges various cultural lectures, cultural workshops, city tour and language excursions. Students can also communicate with Chinese students and students from all over the world by taking part into different student clubs or events.