Activity and Testimonial

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Immerse yourself in Chinese and the culture

lCultural lectures: Gateway to Chinese characters, Pronunciation clinic, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting, etc.

lCultural workshops: Paper-cut of China, Moon-cake making, Drawing fan of China, Beijing Opera Mask painting, etc.

lCity tour: Visit historic and cultural scenic spots under the guidance of teachers.

lLanguage excursions: Each semester there are several language excursions that offer experience of distinctive natural and cultural environments out of Shanghai.

Make friends from all over the world

lStudent clubs: The International Students Association (ISA) of DHU includes more than ten recreational and sports clubs, such as football club, table tennis club, street dance club, latin dance club, photography club, volunteer outreach program. Students with artistic talents are welcomed to join the International Students Performing Art Troup.

lChinese and foreign students exchange: The ITALK of DHU provides Chinese and foreign students a platform for extensive and in-depth cross-cultural communication through recreational and sports activities and mutual learning.

lLarge-scale activities: “China Hand” Contest, “Tenglong Cup” Sports Day, “Phoenix Cup” Talents Competition, Orienteering Race, Chinese Cultural Festival, International Cultural Fesitival, etc.



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