Dormitory and Visa

Release time:2020-03-23Publisher:留学生招生部

Visa Application

The admitted student is required to apply for a Student visa (X1 or X2) at Chinese Embassy or Consulate with the admission documents offered by ICES, then enter China mainland and come to ICES for enrollment with that Student visa. The student will be rejected to enroll or study at Donghua University if he/she does no have valid X1, X2 or Residence Permit on the passport.


Apply for on-campus accommodation
International Student Apartment (ISAs) locates on Yan’an road campus with 3 types of rooms. Accommodation fees must be paid by one semester (about 130 days) in one lump sum at check-in. After being admitted, please log in your personal account at, click “School Dorm” to make the reservation.


Room Type

Room Size

Room Fee/Semester

about130 Days


Single Room


about CNY12350/Person


Double Room


about CNY6500/Person


Multiple Room

(shared by 3 or 4 students)


about CNY4550/Person


* Facilities: Each room is equipped with bathroom, bedding, furniture, air-conditioner, fridge, TV set, internet jact, etc. In the public areas, there are washing machines, hot & cold water dispensers,electromagnetic stoves,microwave ovens, as well as common room, professional laundry service, self-study lounge, etc.

* Water, electricity, internet: extra fees are required.

* More information:



Single Room


Double Room


Multiple Room


  Off-campus residence

 * Renting an apartment outside of the campus is permitted. It is estimated about CNY 3000 to CNY 5000 each month. ICES offers shuttle bus service (2 lines) to those who live in the foreigner gathering areas such as Hongmei Rd., Fengdu International, Mingdu City, Jinxiu Jiangnan and Gubei. Fee of shuttle bus service is CNY 400-500 per semester.