Program Features

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On the tranquil campus that locates in the downtown area of the international metropolis, guided by a group of dedicated young but experienced teachers, you will have new adventures and maximise your Chinese language skills development with the new friends from all over the world!




Chinese classes

Level: Elementary (including beginners), intermediate, advanced. Sub-divided levels are set based on students' langauge abilities.

▲Target: mainly focus on enhancing students' oral expressive abilities, combined with grammer and topic discussion.



▲To learn further about Chinese culture by attending the lectures or workshops arranged twice a week in the afternoon.

▲The lectures tend to introduce Shanghai and its vicinity, Chinese character, Chinese pronunciation, Shanghai cuisine, etc.The workshops will involve Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, making dumplings, making Chinese knots, etc.  


Language Practice

▲Various teaching activities will be held every Friday among students in the same class level. For example, flea market, sports meeting, indoor exploration, runway show, etc.

▲Students can improve their ability to communicate in Chinese by practice in the real life situation.