2018 Degree Programs Q & A

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2018 Winter Vacation – Important Announcement

winter vacation & enrollment week:Jan. 27th ~ Mar. 2nd, 2018

(about 2018 degree programs and CSC/SGS scholarships inquiries & application)

During the winter vacation & enrollment week, Donghua university will stop replying emails in ices@dhu.edu.cn, as well as processing the online application one has submitted through http://admissions.dhu.edu.cn/.


Applicants who intend to apply to study (degree programs) at Donghua University can make use of this period to prepare all the required application materials and send the hard copies to the university at the meantime or later in March. However, please make sure that your application materials package will arrive as early as possible at the International Student Admissions Department of Donghua University before the application deadline.


While preparing to send the application materials package, please first fill the complete address of International Student Admissions Department and then track the status by yourself. Any request of tracking your application materials package will not be assisted. You will receive a confirmation email from the university once the International Student Admissions Department receives your package.

The answers to more than 95% inquires or requests will be find in those two Prospectus, such as the scholarships information, majors and programs, teaching language, how to apply, application fee, tuition, applicant eligibilities, application deadline, etc. So, if one intends to apply to learn (degree programs) at Donghua University, please first study on one of those two Prospectuses. Adequate information and understanding will help save your time and improve your application efficiency.


Undergraduate Programs Prospectus 

Postgraduate Programs Prospectus




Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions


About the application deadline

* CSC/SGS scholarships: Mar. 31

* Self-funded studies: Jun. 30 (better in April or May)

* Before the deadline, one should finish the online application and payment of the application fee, and the complete hard copies of his/her application materials should be received by the university.


About the scholarships

* Most of the inquirers concern a lot the scholarships, like if Donghua offers scholarships, or how to receive it. Donghua University is appointed to accept international students either with Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC) or Shanghai Government Scholarships (SGS). 

* There are a large amount of details about scholarships which have already been included in two Prospectuses, the university seldom replies the general requests on it, so please read one of those two Prospectuses carefully to find information you need.


About the degree programs/majors offered by DHU

You may refer to one of those two Prospectus to see if the program you expect to apply for are provided by Donghua University, particularly the master or doctoral programs related to your previous studies (applying for a different field of study will get little chance to be admitted). Hence, the inquiries simply about the program setup will hardly receive the responses from the university.


About the teaching language

It is very important to learn in advance about the teaching language of the program you want to apply for, as well as your language eligibility.

* The certificate of HSK5 obtained within the last two years is required by the Chinese taught programs. The minimum score is 180. Those who fail to provide HSK certificate or relevant language certificate will have almost no chance to be admitted. In such cases, applicants are advised to consult other universities, or study Chinese language in the first place to obtain HSK5 certificate.

* The entry requirement for English taught programs is the certificate of IELTS or TOFEL obtained within the last two years. The minimum is IELTS 6.0 or TOFEL IBT 80. Those who fail to provide IELTS/TOFEL certificate or relevant language certificate will have almost no chance to be admitted. In such cases, applicants are advised to consult other universities.

* No scholarship is available for the bachelor programs taught in English and the English–taught master program in International Business (MIB).


About the Pre-admission Letter

* Please be aware that Pre-admission Letter is a supporting (not required) material for those who will apply CSC scholarships directly to Chinese Embassy, Consulate or designated dispatching authorities in applicant’s home country. They have their own application requirements, regulations and procedures, for which you should contact the relevant department in your home country.

* However, if your application will be submitted later directly to the Donghua University, no matter for any types of scholarships or for self-funded studies, pre-admission letter is useless and totally no need to be submitted with the other application materials.

* To apply for the pre-admission letter, you need to email the complete electronic application materials required to the university after Mar. 5, and wait for about three weeks for the result. If the university agrees to accept you, the pre-admission letter will be issued and emailed to you.


About the Supervision Confirmation Letter (SCL)

Supervision Confirmation Letter (SCL) is required by certain schools of Donghua University, the master or doctoral applicants should refer to Postgraduate Programs Prospectus (P25 or P27) for the specific requirement on the SCL and set up contacts with the relevant teacher on his /her own. 

* The application for school of Business and Management (doctoral programs) or for Fashion and Art Design Institute (Master or doctoral programs) will be rejected if applicants fail to provide the SCL.

* For the English introduction of certain programs and academic faculties, please refer to the following website: http://english.dhu.edu.cn/graduate/list.htm. Further more information may be found by applicants themselves on Donghua University’s official English or Chinese website.

Decide to apply for Donghua University? You need to finish three steps:

1. Make the online application

* During the winter vacation & enrollment week, http://admissions.dhu.edu.cn/ is still open; you can make your online application. Complete all the blanks carefully, once it is submitted, the information you have filled cannot be changed any more. Wrong information may influence the future review or admissions, even the entry or enrollment. Better upload the ID photo and passport copy.

* Whenever you finish the online application, you do not need to contact the university to confirm if it is received or not. The International Student Admissions Department of Donghua University will start to process one’s online application and require the application fee payment only after the complete hard copies of one’s application materials are received.

2. Pay the application fee

* Payment can be made after the university receive the complete hard copies of your application materials. To pay for it, you need to go back to your account at http://admissions.dhu.edu.cn/ to make the online payment by Visa/Master card, Wechat, or UnionPay card. Or ask your friend to pay at the university for you.

* It is not permitted to ask Donghua’s faculties to pay for the applicants.

* The university will not process one’s application if the fee is not received.

3. Submit the complete hard copies of your application materials

* No matter what kind of degree program you applied, you are required to prepare the complete hard copies of all the application materials and send them to the International Student Admissions Department of Donghua University. In the Undergraduate Programs Prospectus (P19) it is said the submission of electronic versions should be sent first through email. However, according to the updated requirement, each undergraduate applicant also has to submit the complete hard copies. Donghua University will not process the electronic application materials sent by emails.

* Check lists of application materials are included in one of those two Prospectuses.

      Bachelor: P18 ~19, Part B + passport copy     click here

      Master: P24 ~ 25, Part B      click here

      Doctoral: P26~27, Part B      click here

* For master or doctoral applicants, if you are eligible as well as plan to apply for CSC scholarships, you have to finish CSC’s online application first at http://www.campuschina.org/, print out the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (with the photo) and sign, then submit along with the other hard copies of application materials (Part B).


Post/Express Details

Address:   International Student Admissions Dept. (Office 121)

International Cultural Exchange School,

Donghua University,

No. 1882 Yan’an Road West,

200051, Shanghai,

P. R. China.

Phone: 0086-21-62378595


Finish your application:

ONLY AFTER you finish the online application and payment of your application fee, as well as the university received the complete hard copies of your application materials, your application is done and then the university will start to process it for further review procedures. Application materials and application fee will not be returned under any circumstances. DHU reserves the right to ask applicants for supplementary materials. Interview may be required.







寒假和开学报到期间,学校暂停回复 ices@dhu.edu.cn 的邮件,也暂停处理学生在 admissions.dhu.edu.cn 上的申请。









Q & A 其他常见问题

















l英文授课专业的入学语言要求是近两年考取的雅思(至少6.0)或托福(IBT至少 80)(SCF的专业有不同要求)。无法提供证书或相关证明者者,被录取的可能性不大。建议咨询其他大学。









l申请硕士或博士的申请者,部分专业所属的学院要求必须提交“导师同意接收函”。学生需自行查看《研究生招生简章》里 “申请材料”(Part B)部分的内容,了解是否必须提供“导师同意接收函”,然后自行寻找并联系相关老师。申请管理学院(博士)和服装学院(硕士、博士)的学生,若无法提供“导师同意接收函”,申请将被认定无效。

l东华大学可以提供的部分项目和师资的英文介绍可参考 http://english.dhu.edu.cn/graduate/list.htm。若需更多其他信息,请自行前往相关学院的网站了解。



1. 提交东华大学网上申请:

l寒假和开学报到期间,http://admissions.dhu.edu.cn/ 的网申仍然开放,学生可以填写。填写时请确保准确,因为一旦提交,信息无法更改。错误的信息会影响对你的审核、录取、以及将来可能的入境和入学。最好可以上传照片和护照复印件。


2. 交申请费:

l可以在学校确认收到了你的完整纸质版申请材料后,回到 http://admissions.dhu.edu.cn/ 的账户里,用visa/master卡或银联卡、微信支付。或者请你的朋友到学校帮你支付。



3. 寄送纸质版完整的申请材料:

l所有申请人必须按照要求递交完整的纸质版材料(在Undergraduate Programs Prospectus中提到申请人可以发送电子版的申请材料,但是根据最新的调整,所有本科申请人仍必须递交纸质版材料)。学校不会处理通过email发来的电子版申请材料。


     本科:第18~19页,Part B +护照复印件    点击查看

     硕士:第24~25页,Part B    点击查看

     博士:第26~27页,Part B    点击查看

** 硕士或博士,如果有资格且计划申请CSC奖学金,纸质版材料中必须包括一份打印并签字的CSC的奖学金申请表。获取这个申请表,你需要先在 http://www.campuschina.org/ 里完成CSC的网上申请。




东华大学 国际文化交流学院  留学生招生部(121办公室)