For Language Students: Important Announcement of 2018 Winter Vacation

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2018 Winter Vacation – Important Announcement

winter vacationJan. 27th ~ Feb. 25th, 2018


lFor each of the student who comes for enrollment of 2018 spring semester (Feb. 28 to Mar. 2), he/she must assure there is X1, X2 or Residence Permit with enough period of validities on the passport. Those who do not have one of the above three types of visas will be rejected to enroll and study at Donghua University.

lFor those who are abroad, Chinese language programs start in March has closed its overseas recruitment. Donghua University will not issue JW202 (Visa Application Form) and Admission Notice any more. you will not have one of the above mentioned three types of visas to enter China, please do not apply for the program starts in March any more. However, you can apply for program B (from April, only for beginners), and summer or autumn semester programs.

lFor those who will keep staying in Shanghai or China with a X2 visa or Residence Permit with enough period of validities on their passports, it is still possible to apply for Chinese language programs start in March. However, the University will start to process the applications submitted during the winter vacation after Feb. 25.

lIf you plan to apply for CSC scholarships and need the 'Pre-admission Letter', please contact Donghua University and submit your application after Mar. 5th.

lDorms of International Student Apartment buildings (ISAs, on-campus residence) have been fully booked. 

lTo know more details about all types of Chinese language programs, please visit