Emerging Fashion Designers of DHU Cooperate with International Brand in New Product Development

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On July 5, the live broadcast of new product launch of Hutton series held by COACH was successfully held at Shooting Gallery Asia (Building 5, 1501, South Suzhou Road). It was the first time that COACH cooperated with the new designers of our university. Li Ruosi and Tan Xi, Grade 17 of Sino-Japanese Cooperation Class of College of Fashion and Design, participated in the live broadcast as the cooperative new fashion designers.

COACH was in the charge of the live broadcast, where the head of COACH, KOL and stars of many fashion fields attended the activity, and graphic designer Guang Yu, also participated in online as a tutor. The activity was presented in the form of online live broadcast, with more than 100,000 people watching. The new product release activity is a part of the supporting project between COACH and designers of our university. In the early stage of the project, they had experienced 2-3 months of pattern design and creation. With very young and lively elements, the two students combined graffiti culture with classic COACH Logo (Horse & Carriage). One student expressed the Horse & Carriage Logo in the mood of a specific period, and the other combined chalk painting with the Logo. The design of the two students was highly recognized by the New York headquarter of COACH. “We hope their work can go to the world arena, to New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, and to the whole world.”

(Cooperative Design Style)

On July 5, these new products were pre-sold on the three platforms of COACH WeChat Applet, Xiaohongshu and Tmall. On July 15, more than 40 products containing these design concepts were officially put on sale in stores, and were also put on shelves in stores all over the world. “What’s so special about these new products?” said Yann Bozec, President and CEO of COACH China, “The design comes from the youngest generation in China — the style is the cooperative fruit of COACH and two art students recommended by Donghua University, while they are just junior students!” Yann Bozec revealed that COACH would mark “Chinese Original Design Strength Fostered by COACH” on all product publicity materials and logos of the products sold in stores.

(Live Broadcast)

The success of COACH and DHU designer supporting project showed that our university was committed to the cultivation of excellent fashion talents with international brands, which would also promote the further development of the fashion education of DHU.

(Source: College of Fashion and Art Design)