DHU Has Been Approved for Two Shanghai Double-Degree Programs for Compound Talents

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2020-07-02Browse the number:10

According to the Notice on Publishing the List of Double Degree Programs for Compound Talents of Colleges and Universities in Shanghai of 2020 issued by Shanghai Academic Degree Committee recently, the Art and Engineering Integrated Textile Design Double Degree Program for Compound Talents and Environment and Management Integrated Innovative Leadership Double Degree Program for Compound Talents applied by our university were approved Shanghai Double Degree Programs for Compound Talents.

In order to meet the needs of economic and social development for compound talents, and according to the spirit of the Notice of the Academic Degree Committee of the State Council on Printing and Distributing the Administrative Measures for the Authorization and Conferment of Bachelors Degrees, Shanghai has tried to carry out the Double Degree Programs for Compound Talents in colleges and universities. The Double Degree Programs serve the national major development strategy and the talent training needs of economic and social development, by recruiting students through the College Entrance Examination, reconstructing talent training plan, curriculum, assessment, practice and other links, and cultivating inter-disciplinary, compound, innovative and high-quality talents. Only one degree certificate will be issued for Double Degree Program, and the two degrees awarded shall be indicated in the certificate.

In recent years, our university has strengthened the inter-disciplinary integration in undergraduate talent training, breaking the traditional mode of original discipline and professional talent training, cracking the walls between disciplines and colleges, and actively exploring the multi-disciplinary and innovative talent training mode. We have selected and established “Civil Aviation Composite Materials”, “Intellectual Property Rights”, “Artificial Intelligence”, “Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot”, Shangchuang·Innovation” and Intelligent Manufacturing of Material”  altogether six experimental classes for top-notch innovative talents, and have been approved two new majors of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, and Data Science and Big Data Technology.

Our university will take the construction of Double Degree Programs as an opportunity, adhere to high starting point, high standard and high quality, strengthen the management of double degree programs, constantly strengthen the professional connotation construction, and effectively improve the quality of talent training.

(Source: Office of Academic Affairs)