2017 Donghua International Students Career Fair Successfully Organized

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The highly-successful 2017 Donghua International Students Career Fair was a testament to both the dynamic, vibrant business environment in Shanghai and to the excellent planning and preparation done by the administrative team at Donghua CIP. 50 companies provided more than 150 internship opportunities and opening jobs. More than 400 international students seek work during the fair.With wall to wall consultants, start-up entrepreneurs, presentations, the career fair was full of energy, optimism and more smiles than a hundred percent pass rate on a final exam.

This event, packed full of bright, hopeful students, was a demonstration of beginnings and of how the Donghua University Center of International Programs offers much more than an accredited four-year university degree. This event highlighted the very promising market in Shanghai and around China for the diverse and talented young people who work so hard to complete their degrees, often in a second language and all in a foreign country.

On April 25, 2017, every available classroom at Donghua CIP was filled with booths, signs, information packets and representatives from a broad array of companies. Scores of students spent a highly-rewarding day meeting dozens of recruiters, offering resumes, receiving on-the-spot interviews and learning about meaningful internships and lucrative career opportunities.

Many CIP student volunteers, each wearing a recognizable, red Donghua t-shirt, were posted at all the right locations to ensure that the event ran smoothly. There was even extra security, making sure that no one had any problems or accidents. This high level of coordination and efficiency could be felt throughout the event, from the clear, large sign at the entrance to the synchronized presentations inside.

Hosted by the newly-established International Student Center for Career Development, the hard-working team at Donghua CIP brought together 50 companies for a day of non-stop opportunities, discussions and meetings that opened a window into diverse career paths. The event began with an informative presentation from Chinese visa officers regarding how companies in Shanghai can hire foreign students for internships and employment positions. After this, the series of presentations began and companies started meeting students.

Featured were high-profile fashion companies such as Conde Nast, global aviation companies such as Yangze River Airlines, international logistics and transport agencies, a variety of professional recruiters, HR firms, IT firms, event planning businesses, trading companies, language schools, translation services, charitable NGOs, real estate agencies and even start-up ventures created by recent CIP graduates. One of the most uplifting moments of the event was seeing family businesses from CIP students offering opportunities for their fellow classmates to work together after graduation.

The 2017 Donghua International Students Career Fair was a positive, enriching event, showing the practical applications of academic study in Shanghai. It was a chance for the students to shape their futures; to witness how much the administration cares about their prospects and to see just how bright a future it could be.