DHU Designs the "Aiding Hubei" Commemorative Masks Together With WTU——A Present to Anti-Epidemic Heroes

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In 2020, everyone had different memories about masksbitterness, sweetness, laughter or tears...... In those special days, wearing a mask made you feel at ease.

In the front line of fighting the epidemic, those wearing masks and white battle suits are the most beautiful. On May 20, Shanghai health industry 520 The Most Beautiful Expression of Youth story sharing activity about fighting the epidemic was held in Shanghai. During the activity, Donghua University, together with Wuhan Textile University, presented the healthy and fashionable Aiding Hubei commemorative masks as sweet gifts of 520 to the most beautiful heroes who fought against the epidemic war in Shanghai, to express the most sincere thanks and respect.

Cui Yunhua, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Donghua University and other leaders of relevant units attended the activity. On behalf of our university, she delivered the Aiding Hubei commemorative masks to 12 medical staff of the aiding Hubei medical team in attendance.

(Aiding Hubei Commemorative Mask Donation Ceremony)


Customize the Sweetest Flower Language for You

During the epidemic, more than 1600 medical workers were sent from Shanghai to the forefront of Hubei Province to build a line of defense for peoples life. With the support and guidance of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, Donghua University, together with Wuhan Textile University, designed and customized Aiding Hubei commemorative masks. The pattern design of the mask combines the advantages of cooperation between the two universities under the One to One counterpart assistance action of the Ministry of Education. Taking the provincial/city flowers — magnolia of Shanghai and plum blossom of Hubei as the design main line, it expresses the deep friendship between the two cities formed by fighting against the epidemic hand in hand, through the connection of flower branches. It is worth mentioning that the seal frame of each commemorative mask is engraved with the name and the unit of the medical worker.

(Design Drawing of Aid Hubei Commemorative Mask)

Han Zheyu, the planner of Aiding Hubei commemorative mask design activity and Director of Shanghai Greater Donghua Fashion and Innovation Center of our university, said, on the one hand, masks are necessary 'weapons' for medical workers in the epidemic war, and also a symbol of the epidemic. On the other hand, the words and drawings they wrote on their protective suits at that time could not be preserved due to safety reasons, so we together with Wuhan Textile University designed this commemorative mask to express the appreciation and respect to them on behalf of the field of fashion design and all walks of life, and to help keep the memories for their special experience.

It is reported that the masks will be delivered to 1649 medical staff of Shanghai medical aid team and 23 medical staff of social medical institutions who supported Wuhan.



Make Mask a New Symbol of Healthy and Fashionable life

Speaking of Aiding Hubei commemorative masks, we have to mention the non-profit mask systems design solicitation activity Wear Masks and Wait for Flowers to Bloom starting in March 2020. Under the guidance of Office of Shanghai Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Leading Group, Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, the activity was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Fashion, Donghua University and relevant universities, industry organizations and enterprises.

After more than one month's solicitation, over 160 contributions had been received from college teachers and students, designer studios, fashion brands, etc. from many provinces and cities across the country. During the activity, nearly 20,000 people watched the online publicity and display of designs and works. Wang Liming, the special researcher of College of Textile of our university, said during the review of technical design works, wonderful ideas are shown in the works. For example, the bacteria-visible mask can visualize the bacteria attached to the mask, which can not only play a role of safety protection during the epidemic, but also solve the problem of wasting caused by inadequate use of the mask. These ideas will change our life.

In this activity, the reviewers not only paid attention to the safety, convenience, and comfort of masks, but also focused on the need of fashionable appearance of masks in the post epidemic era, putting forward higher requirements for the transformation of masks from simple epidemic prevention materials to fashion goods. Many original design brands submitted their works in the activity, among which was the modeling design work Gorilla Mask Cover. Experts believed that it had novel concept, and its multi-layer and opening design elements were in line with the current trend. Liu Shengyi, the designer of the work, said, as a designer, I have realized that it is the core of the product to have innovative design that adapts to the current trend. The epidemic helps more people strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, self protection and caring for others.

Modeling Design Work Gorilla Mask Cover



Steel Your Youth and Stand Out

The non-profit mask systems design solicitation activity Wear Masks and Wait for Flowers to Bloom assisted designers to connect and cooperate with enterprises , which realized efficient transformation of the achievements, led to direct economic income, and helped create new economic driving force and online new economic industrial chain ecosystem in the post epidemic era.

Yang Yuzhe, who graduated from Fashion and Art Design Institute of our university, is now studying at Birmingham City University in the UK. It is a critical period for him to seek employment opportunities back to China. In this activity, Yang submitted the pattern design work Nourished By The Same River, which was recognized and loved by experts and netizens. He was given the opportunity to achieve the intention of cooperation with Shanghai Surhoo Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which is the support platform for the activity, and both parties signed an agreement on the development and sales of derivative works of the original art work.

For a green-hand designer who has just come out of the ivory tower, I am very lucky to experience the whole process from design draft to actual production and sales through this non-profit activity. I have accumulated very valuable practical experience in it, which is a solid step for me to go out of the campus,said Yang Yuzhe.

(Source: Shanghai International Fashion Innovation Center)