Welcome to study at Donghua University!

No matter you are language student or degree student, we sincerely hope you can harvest a happy, meaningful and fruitful life at Donghua University.

During your study, you can either apply for the International Student Apartment or renting an apartment outside with your friends. But don’t forget you have another option: home stay!

Choosing homestay, you will not only find a ‘family’ that takes care of you away from home, but also experience the daily life of ordinary Chinese people. It will help you to learn more about Chinese culture and Chinese language, and get closer to China.

Most of the hosts are teachers from Donghua University, and parts of hosts are excellent families by screening carefully.

1. Every host family provides a separate room with desk to facilitate your study and life.

2. Every host family can speak simple English for daily communication.

3. Every host family is close to the subway station to facilitate your daily traveling.

How to find a host family?

1. First, complete the application form. We will find a host family according to your requests, hobbies, life style, accommodation duration, etc.

2. After registering at Donghua University, we will arrange you to meet the host family first and then start home stay. Before that, you can stay in the International Student Apartment or hotels on campus.

3. If you find there is a big difference in life style between you and the host family, it is possible to ask for change. We will arrange it as soon as possible.

If you would like to find a host family which matches most of your needs, please complete the application form as detailed as possible. The more notice you give us, the more likely we can meet you requests.

Have you decided? Apply now! 

Please fill in the following application form and email the scanned one with your sigature.

student homestay application form.docx

Email to: ices@dhu.edu.cn

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