Dormitory and Visa

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Apply for on-campus accommodation


After being admitted, please log in your personal account at, click 'Dorm Application' to choose the room type. Accommodation fee is calculated according to the actual residence period.


Room TypeRoom SizeRoom Fee (per night)
ASingle Room20 m2CNY 95/person
BDouble Room20 m2CNY 50/person
CMultiple Room27 m2CNY 35/person

  Facilities: Each room is equipped with bathroom, bedding, furniture, air-conditioner, telephones, fridge, TV set, internet jact, etc. In the public areas, there are washing machines, hot & cold water dispensers, microwave ovens, electromagnetic stoves, as well as common room, professional laundry service, self-study lounge, etc.


Single Room


Double Room


Multiple Room




Visa application

The admitted student should apply to local China Embassy or Consulate for a visa with the admission documents offered by ICES, and then enter China mainland with it. Please refer to 'Regulations on Visa/Residence Permit Issues for International Students Enrolled at Donghua University' at