How to apply

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Application Guide  

1Online ApplicationRegister a personal account at, fill in 'personal information', upload your ID photo and passport page, and fill in the 'academic information' to choose the program you plan to learn.
2Email ConfirmationAfter the online application is reviewed by ICES, an email will be sent to the applicant to confirm the application progress and the application fee.
3Application Fee Payment

lPay online (recommended): log in your personal account at, click 'academic info - application progress - payment information - online payment'. Visa card, Master card, Wechat or Union Pay card with online payment services are applicable.

lPay at ICES office: with RMB cash or UnionPay card.  


ICES willl make the review after all the information & materials are completed and the application fee is paid, then will send the admission package to the admitted applicant within 15 working days.

lThose who apply and be admitted before the application deadline of phase one will receive both JW202 form (Visa Application for Study in China) and Admission Notice.

lThose who apply and be admitted before the application deadline of phase two will receive only the Admission Notice.  

* Students who cannot be reached due to invalid, incorrect or unclear contact information provided shall bear the responsibilities themselves.



Come to ICES in person on the enrollment day, bring the orignal passport, Admission Notice and relevant fees.

Main issues: pick up the student ID card, finish tuition and other relevant fees payment, get passport and visa double-checked, take the Chinese placement test, collect textbooks, purchase the food card, apply for internet access in the dorm, etc.