Love Transcends Boundaries— Warm Messages from DHU Foreign Teachers and Experts

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In the fight against the outbreak of COVID-19, China has received valuable support through various means from the international community, such as medical resources, expertise, donations and warm words of encouragement, etc. It shows that love transcends boundaries. 

At this difficult time, the foreign teachers and experts of Donghua University have extended messages of sympathies and support to China and to everyone of the University.

Cecilia Mag-isa Estoque is a professor at International Cultural Exchange School from the Philippines. She recorded a video and stressed that its important to remain optimistic during hard times and that love conquers fear.

(A Video by Cecelia Mag-isa Estoque)

Nicholus Tayari A. is a postdoctoral fellow at the College of Textiles from Uganda. He speaks highly of the decisive measures taken by the Chinese authorities and the cooperation exhibited by the Chinese and foreign nationals in China. Especially, he commends the selfless efforts by the medical staff during the epidemic prevention and control.

(A Message from Nicholus Tayari A.)

Gomaa Farouk El-Fawal, from Egypt, is an associate professor at the College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. He believes that the virus is certainly to be defeated and that after the storm follows the rainbow.

(A Message from Gomaa Farouk El-Fawal)


There are many more warm words from our foreign teachers and experts:

 “Dear friends at Donghua University, I wish you all the best in this challenging citutation with Corona virus, in China and rest of the world. Take care and I wish you good health! Thank you China, taking so well care to not spread the Corona virus to the rest of the world. You did an excellent work! —from Anja Kirsti Helena Hyvönen ( Finland, SCF)


This is indeed a very difficult time for China and its people. We are with all our thoughts with the people hoping that this epidemic will soon be over. We are also with those families, who have lost a member! They are needing supportFinally, the medical staff has to be praised: to work under these conditions is a proof of humanity. My Best Wishes.—from Wolfgang SandGermany, College of Environmental Science and Engineering


Dear friends in China, I know how difficult time you have been through now. I am thinking of you every day. I heard the positive news today that the spreading is alleviating day by day. I am sure that everyone's sincere wish for China came true slowly. Now Korea, where I am, is struggling with the same difficulty. However, we have learned from China that a small consideration for others would handle the epidemic situation better and overcome soon. I wish everyone to stay well and hope to gather again in the most dynamic country in the world soon. —from MinJoo Baek (Korea, SCF)


To all the unsung heroes: whether youre one of the brave medical staff saving lives, or one of the patients fighting the disease, or part of the crew extending support behind the scenes, I salute and pray for your health and safety during this tumultuous times. Never give up hope! —from NIEN-MING CHENG (Singapore, SCF)


You have shown tremendous courage and fortitude in coping with this virus. We will surely overcome this. Remember the beauty of your country and never lose courage!Chong Tenwee (Singapore, College of Foreign Languages)


My message to all who are in the epidemic-stricken areas: Our thoughts are with you and hope that you are well. Wish to see you soon! —from Maria Annette Härkäpää (Finland, SCF)


Hello everyone at SCF and students and staff of Donghua University. I send you my love and best wishes for your good health for yourselves and your families and heartfelt concern for your anxieties and troubles during this time of the Covid-19 virus. We are all globally working together to find ways to keep positive and connected through these fears and we will overcome! Jai You!—from Susan Jenkyn Jones (England, SCF)


Every kindness we have received brings warmth into our hearts and will be cherished and returned. Virus knows no boundaries. Nevertheless, we will definitely triumph as long as we stand with each other in solidarity and mutual support in the face of a common enemy to all mankind,making our own contribution to global public health security.