Songjiang Campus International Students’ Sports Winter Season-2016

Publisher:宋玮Release time:2016-12-16Browse the number:117

It has happened again!

The Winter season sports activities majorly included Badminton and Cricket with full participation of both female and male international students of Songjiang campus.

The season which commenced on 2016-October -29 with Cricket tournaments for the males. And later Badminton for both the females and males was concluded to a different level of happiness.

Just as what we did in the past years, SCISA with full support of ICES were able to successfully to wind-up this winter sports season with an award ceremony which was honored by the presence of The Vice Dean of ICES Teacher Wuxiaojun, Yan Laoshi, Liu Laoshi on behalf of ICES.

Talent was indeed appreciated with the giving out of different prizes to the best players and teams. .

All we can say is that our heart feel gratitude to our dear participants and without whom the season would not have been memorable. Great gratitude goes out to ICES for the unfailing support to the whole Songjiang family. We also greatly appreciate the dedicated SCISA committee members, 2016, especially the sports department; and extended gratitude to everyone for making this season a big success with more love and togetherness; One family, one Donghua