DHU and Moi University Jointly Holds a Fashion Design Exhibition Themed with Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2019-12-03Browse the number:17

      On November 19th, the Chinese Contemporary Abstract Art Costume Design Exhibition jointly sponsored by Donghua University and the Confucius Institute at Moi University was held in Eldoret, Kenya. Counsellor Wang Xuezheng, Chinese Embassy in Kenya, Daniel Cemno, Deputy County Governor of Usinkisu County, and Qing Fengyu, Vice President of Donghua University attended the event. Business representatives attended the exhibition.

      Moi University is an African partner of the 20 + 20 China-Africa Inter-university Cooperation Plan. In 2015, the two sides co-founded a Confucius Institute featuring textile and clothing. The Confucius Institute at Moi University inherits the strength of textile and clothing discipline from Donghua University and adheres to characteristic development. The show is one of a number of initiatives in characteristic development. While promoting Chinese language and culture, Moi Confucius Institute is actively exploring the road of textile and clothing industry with characteristics under the mode of Chinese +.

      The fashion show entitled The Greatest Form has no Shape is divided into two parts: static and dynamic sessions. There are three themes of the clothing on display: meaning, colorfulness and clearness. The costumes on the exhibition are the works of designer Dr. Feng Li from Donghua University and the contemporary abstract artists. It’s the first time of such an event to showcase Chinese modern fashion culture to Kenyans, and made more young people from Kenya interested in Chinese culture. At present, an increasing number of young Kenyans are beginning to learn Chinese, and they will have the opportunity to become ambassadors of friendly exchanges between China and Kenya in the future. 

      After the event, Qing Fengyi, Wang Xuezheng, and Vice President of Moi University Isaac N. Kimengi and related personnel held a meeting to specify the construction of the main campus of Confucius Institute at Moi University and inspect the classrooms and teaching facilities in the main campus and other existing teaching sites. On behalf of Donghua, Qing Fengxie visited the teachers and volunteers of the Moi Confucius Institute and thanked them for their fruitful work under difficult conditions.

      On the eve of the event, Qing Fengyi and his team visited the Chinese Embassy in Kenya and briefed Chinese ambassador to Kenya Wu Peng on the program of the 20 + 20 China-Africa Inter-university Cooperation Plan carried out by Donghua in the past decade, and discussed on the characteristic development of the Confucius institute at Moi University. Wu Peng hoped that Donghua University will make greater contributions to the talent training in textile and clothing industry and the cooperation of production capacity between the two countries in the future. At the same time, Qing Fengyi and his team also visited the University of Nairobi, Egyptian Chinese University, and Suez Canal University to conduct in-depth discussions and investigations on academic exchanges and cooperation, cooperation in overseas education, and joint training programs, etc. They signed relevant cooperation intentions and made fruitful achievements in their visits.