Party Secretary Liu Chenggong meets with Vice President of University of Tokyo

Publisher:钱玲丽Release time:2019-11-04Browse the number:33

On the afternoon of October 29, Liu Chenggong, Party Secretary of Donghua University (DHU), met with Haneda Masashi, the Vice President and an honorary professor of the University of Tokyo and an advisory professor of DHU, on the Songjiang Campus of DHU.


(Group photo)

Liu Chenggong extended a warm welcome to Haneda Masashi and thanked him for his contribution to the talent training and scientific research in related disciplines of DHU. It is hoped that the cooperation and exchanges will be further strengthened between the two universities in the future.

The two sides then conducted in-depth exchanges on the construction and development of humanities and social sciences, and general education for students. Relevant officials from the College of Foreign Language and International Cooperation Office also participated in the meeting.

Professor Haneda Masashi currently serves as an honorary professor and vice president of the University of Tokyo. He was formerly the Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia at the University of Tokyo, a council member and Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo, and a member of the Roundtable Committee for Japan’s 21st Century Vision. In 2017, he won a Medal with Purple Ribbon for being an outstanding Humanities Scholar.