DHU-MMU collaborative embroidery works shown in UK again

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Recently, the intangible cultural heritage - embroidery works under the cooperation project of the Fashion • Art Design Institute of Donghua University (DHU) and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) were exhibited at MMU. It is also the second time for the intangible cultural heritage works of DHU to be shown in UK. Professor Chen Bin, who is in charge of teaching at the Intangible Heritage Center of the Fashion • Art Design Institute, and Rachel, Director of the International Division of the Manchester School of Art, MMU, together with teacher and student representatives, attended the event.    

The 20 sets of costumes on display were designed by students majoring in fashion design from both sides in pairs. Differing in styles, these works contain both oriental elements such as traditional embroidery and avant-garde and hippie western elements.

 (Some exhibits)

It is reported that the fashion works co-designed by DHU and MMU students and embroidery trainees have been exhibited at the 1st China International Import Expo in Shanghai, exhibition of outstanding achievements from training program for intangible cultural heritage inheritors by Ministry of Culture and Tourism at Prince Kung’s Mansion in Beijing, exhibition of outstanding achievements from training program for intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Shanghai, Fiji Fashion Week, Shih Chien University, and the Manchester Chinese Education Cultural Community Centre, arousing wide concern from domestic and foreign peers and gaining high appreciation.

This show attracted many MMU teachers and students, who affirmed the form of pairing design, and the atmosphere was extremely warm. The DHU team of intangible cultural heritage teachers met with MMU students involved in the pairing design. The students said that they benefited a lot from the collaborative design and put forward diverse suggestions, which would be helpful to future cooperation.

(DHU intangible cultural heritage teachers have a discussion

with teachers of Manchester School of Art, MMU)

Intangible cultural heritage is not only an important carrier for a nation to maintain its cultural heritage and spiritual roots, but also an indispensable resource for building a nation’s soft power. As the latest achievement of DHU in creating synergy between the training for inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and international teaching resources, this show embodies the innovative thinking of DHU in training high-level cultural and artistic talents. It’s of great significance for promoting traditional Chinese culture by presenting the intangible cultural heritage to more overseas universities in the form of design cooperation. The pairing design of intangible cultural heritage works that are incorporated into the design teaching for undergraduates and graduates is also a positive response to the strategy to facilitate Chinese culture going global.